Introducing Premium Membership from the IMA, an exclusive community of leaders and aspiring leaders from around the world who share a passion for having impact in moving their industry forward.


IMA Premium Membership is for professionals that want to take an active part in growing and strengthening their organization and industry through introductions to other IMA members and visibility of their work.


  • Invitation to IMPACT conferences in Cayman Islands and Las Vegas (value $2500)
  • Introduction to 12 IMA members in your region (value $5000)
  • Inclusion in IMA newsletter on your work (value $1000)
  • (1) IMPACT Award nomination (value: $195)
  • Development of an IMA profile with your information and rank as a premium member, (value: $3000)
  • Official IMA Rank™ and recognition with Influencer Status that reward your accomplishments, help you stand out, and get you more exposure with your industry peers. (value: $5000)

 You are helping to move the internet marketing industry forward, and we want to make sure it gets noticed and helps advance your career by giving you the credibility and visibility you deserve.

If you love to share your expertise with others, and they're gobbling it up because it's real value, why not get the THOUGHT LEADER Status?

Here are a few ways to earn it:
- Publish a blog post
- Speak at a conference
- Record a podcast for the IMA

Are you passionate about engaging groups of people to help the industry move forward? Then the CONNECTOR Status is for you!

Earn it by doing some of the following:
- Lead internet marketing Meetups
- Start a local IMA Group
- Refer new Influencers to the IMA

You have a curious mind that takes the development of your skills through learning seriously. The SCHOLAR Status can help you get the visibility you deserve.

Here are some ways to earn it:
- Get a Degree
- Complete the IMA Certification
- Get mentored by an IMA Influencer

Going above and beyond is simply how you do business. It gets noticed by your company's executives and external peers alike. Go for the OVERACHIEVER Status!

Here's how:
- Win a competition
- Get a formal recognition by your company
- Receive an IMA Impact award

Innovation is your middle name. Whether as an entrepreneur, a marketer or a technologist, you push beyond the status quo. Time to get the INNOVATOR Status!

Here are some ways to earn it:
- Start a company
- Patent an idea or technology
- Provide a game-change idea to the IMA

Helping others grow is part of how you view success, and you take the time to share what you've learned. Getting the MENTOR Status will highlight your winning mindset.

Here's how:
- Sit on a Board
- Become an Advisor
- Mentor other IMA Influencers

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