With the rapid evolution and rise of the Internet, the protection of privacy has become a top priority. The pervasive role of the Internet constantly challenges the very concept of privacy, for both businesses and individuals.

As social media sites like Facebook and Twitter dominate the landscape while gathering significant amounts of information about users, it is becoming increasingly difficult to balance the fine line between personal and public information. Whether making an online purchase, “Liking” a company, or updating status, personal information is subject to collection at every turn. And, without many of us knowing it, we often give this information away willingly. Not only are we releasing a great deal of private information to others we know, we are often releasing it to a larger audience as well.

We are now in a new era of limited privacy and influenced by the profound effect that environment can have on our private and professional lives. This is especially of concern for children and teenagers who consider this lack of privacy the norm. To best prepare for this challenge, we must place a high priority on being informed about privacy best practices and understanding the impact of living such transparent lives.

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