Calling All Educators and Youth Advocates – A Message from Leah Ersoylu

Leah Ersoylu

A Message from Leah Ersoylu

First, THANK YOU for your work to support our kids — at all levels. I am inspired by your commitment to a seemingly endless fight. I am a product of public schools and universities, and I want to support my daughter, as well as the other nearly 20,000 kids in Newport-Mesa Unified.

I am running for NMUSD Trustee, Area 1 in November 2020.

We need to have qualified leadership ready to support our kids from cradle to career. The well-intentioned old guard in Newport-Mesa has failed too many of our kids for too long. As a result, families have fled our district — especially my area, Zone 1 — to Huntington Beach and private schools. This has a negative effect on our sense of community here in Costa Mesa.

This election can be catalytic for our kids if we can win! NMUSD Board suffers from a simple lack a diversity in life experiences. Given that our district is 56% non-white and 45% socio-economically disadvantaged, we must have more diversity in leadership.

I’ve already done the work to secure the NMFT endorsement, demonstrating I am the teachers’ choice. I’m receiving new endorsements daily from community leaders and elected officials who understand the importance of this race.

As an evaluation and planning professional, I have had the opportunity to work on youth development, education and ECE projects and policies over the past 20 years — bringing best practices, research and innovative strategies to bear on the sector. As a member of Costa Mesa’s Parks and Recreation Commission, I was able to ensure after-school programming for kids was expanded to support families on non-school days. As a member of the Housing & Public Services Grants Committee, I was able to bring outcome measurement tools to support applicants in their program planning. When I served as the Policy Director at Latino Health Access, I worked to ensure that policies and systems supported the health and well-being of children and families not only in Santa Ana, but across the County.

I have a long track record of not only fighting for the right things, but also supporting like-minded candidates on their first runs (many of you on this list!). Now, I am compelled to run — and I can’t do it without your help!



PARTICIPATE Tag on Facebook @ersoylu4newportmesakids it helps to get lots of “likes” and comments on social media! Or, sign up to volunteer at

SHARE Forward this email to your friends who want to see Newport-Mesa excel! Let them know you endorse me (you can fill the check-box on the donation page to be listed as an endorsement).

I am focusing my time on community-building, by having in-home coffees with neighbors across my district and knocking doors of every voter. I value your time and I won’t be asking for you to attend high-priced fundraisers or events. My events are going to be neighborhood specific. As such, my fundraising is focused online, in emails and texts like this one.

AB InBev Taps Machine Learning to Root Out Corruption

A worker inspecting vats at an Anheuser-Busch InBev brewery in Leuven, Belgium.

World’s largest brewer has set the bar for a new, data-driven approach to compliance

By Dylan Dokar

For many multinational companies, preventing bribery and corruption involves sending lawyers to far-flung places, holding meetings and web-based surveys, and interviewing uncooperative or uninformed employees.

It’s a human process, prone to bias and error. That is why it’s ripe for a more data-driven approach, experts say.

The company that appears to be ahead in solving this technological riddle isn’t in the tech sector. In fact, its main product—beer—predates the invention of the wheel.

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA, the world’s largest brewer, has spent three years developing machine-learning technology that can identify risky business partners and potentially illegal payments. The analytics platform, BrewRight, draws on data from operations in more than 50 countries, allowing the company to proactively monitor legal risks and prevent violations, instead of focusing on investigating problems after they arise.

The platform is designed to get smarter and more effective over time. It has cut hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs associated with investigating suspect payments. It has also placed the company—the brewer of Budweiser, Stella Artois and other beers—at the forefront of corporate anticorruption compliance.

“They have achieved something I have not seen anyone else achieve when it comes to integrating their various operational and financial data,” said Hui Chen, an independent consultant who helped prepare U.S. Justice Department guidance on evaluating corporate compliance programs and who has seen the platform up close.

A large company can make millions of payments daily. For most, accessing data on those transactions can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. But doing so could also be the key to stopping corruption before it happens. “Once you have the data you see the pattern and the pattern allows you to be predictive,” Ms. Chen said.

If fully realized, AB InBev’s efforts could pave the way for a new generation of corporate compliance—one where companies leverage internal data to create transparency. The approach could also reshape the expectations of law-enforcement agencies such as the Justice Department.

Full story here.

CEO on Leadership: Lawrence R. Armstrong, CEO, Ware Malcomb

The head of this international integrated design services firm offers his perspective on the industry and what’s ahead for his company.

Ware Malcomb is a leading design firm focused on commercial and corporate real estate with 22 offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Panama. Founded in 1972 by Bill Ware and Bill Malcomb, its services include architecture, planning, interior design, branding, civil engineering and building measurement.

In 1990, CEO Lawrence R. Armstrong and retired President Jim Williams acquired ownership of the firm. Today, Ware Malcomb is led by Armstrong and Executive Vice Presidents Jay Todisco and Kenneth Wink.

Development: What led you to a career in architecture?

Lawrence R. Armstrong: The inspiration for my architectural career came about when I was seven years old. My father bought a vacant lot next door to our small ranch house in Northeast Ohio and had a new home built on it for our family. After that, I knew I wanted to be an architect, and I am very fortunate for that.

Development: Could you briefly describe how Ware Malcomb has managed its growth since its establishment in 1972?

Armstrong: Our focus was on diversifying the business, making it resilient to recessions and growing the company beyond Southern California. We have structured the firm to service our clients wherever they need us. Most of our expansion across North America has been driven by our clients asking us to expand into new markets with them. This in turn fuels our team members’ growth and provides excellent opportunities for professional development.

Development: Where will you take the company over the next five to 10 years?/em>

Armstrong: We have developed strategic goals in our long-term plan, which provides geographic target locations as well as the growth goals for our business units and product diversifications. The goal is to maximize the market share in every region we operate in and in each product offering we provide.

Full story linked here.

Chad Jordan Named New Vice President of Business Development, Brands at SOCi

As the Director of Marketing for Digital Services for an international brand, Sport Clips, with over 1,800+ franchised locations, Chad wanted to find a way to streamline social media messaging and reputation management efforts. He fortunately discovered a platform that revolutionized Sport Clips’ social media footprint and would encourage the brands franchisees to engage (and actually use!) social media more effectively. The platform was SOCi, the impact was immediate and the rest, as they say, is history.

After deciding to transition from Franchises back into the SaaS space, landing at SOCi, Inc seemed to be fate. As a CFE, Chad is excited to leverage the life-changing experience he gained working at a Top 20 Franchise to help other brands around the world take control of their social media networks and online reviews. He also relishes serving as a specialist to help brands identify ways that SOCi’s tools and services can help them take the next step towards their own social media renaissance. Chad is passionate about educating franchisees and simplifying their lives in any way possible, and welcome any opportunity to evangelize the masses about the “bottom line” importance of social media and reviews.

SOCi is the leading enterprise workflow solution for social media & reputation management at scale. Its easy-to-use platform is architected for multi-location businesses, SMB aggregators and agencies managing dozens, hundreds or thousands of social media pages. SOCi’s comprehensive solution delivers unique functionality, including content discovery, scalable publishing, social listening, asset management and workflow management.

#5 on the Franchise 500: The UPS Store Meets Customers Where They Are

UPS Truck

The UPS Store can thank dissatisfied customers for its recent success — though, of course, we’re not talking about its own customers. “About a third of online purchases are returned,” says Tim Davis, president of The UPS Store. “And that’s become a very attractive business segment for us.”

To cash in on the returns of dissatisfied e-commerce companies, UPS has signed deals to be the official return courier for several major retailers. (Davis won’t say exactly which ones.) The UPS Store is also under contract to ship hardware, such as cable boxes, back to utility companies when customers are done using them. “We’re reducing the touch points in the return process,” says Davis.

Related: Company Vet David Abney Is New UPS CEO

Tapping into predictable shipping helped drive a net gain of 104 UPS Stores in 2018. But that doesn’t fully explain the company’s recent success. The other key lies in its efforts to meet customers where they already are. Over the past two years, new UPS Stores have increasingly opened in nontraditional locations such as pharmacies, supermarkets, hardware stores, hotels, and military bases. You’ll now find small-footprint UPS Stores inside major chains like Meijer (a Midwestern supermarket) and Omni Hotels & Resorts, and all together, these new locations account for some 26 percent of the company’s sales.

According to Davis, increasing the company’s footprint is just one part of a bigger plan to serve more customers. Soon, he says, UPS will begin experimenting with drone deliveries, and already, it’s begun putting pressure on franchisees to stay open seven days a week.

But the company’s biggest change might be symbolic. This year, in a stark revolt against UPS’s traditionally brown branding, many stores received splashes of blue, white, and yellow as part of a new store concept test.

Aesthetics Technology Summit: Article from Allergan

Allergan Logo

It’s an exciting time in the medical aesthetics market. Over the past few years there has been an influx of innovation and interest in this category – from brands, healthcare providers and consumers alike. In 2019, Allergan revealed its inaugural Allergan 360○ Aesthetics Report™, one of the most far-reaching and authoritative studies ever on the subject.

This report surveyed more than 14,500 “aesthetically conscious consumers” (those who self-identified as interested in looking better and willing to spend on it) and more than 1,300 physicians in 18 countries. The mission of this study was to more closely examine the diverse and evolving perspectives of people of varying ages, cultures and genders— as well as the physicians who treat them. As those who are closely watching this category know, the popularity of medical aesthetic treatments continues to surge, fueled by fewer societal taboos, growing technological breakthroughs as well as millennials (consumers 21-35) and men entering the fray. The worldwide medical aesthetic market is projected to be worth approximately $26.53 billion by 2024, up from $10.12 billion in 2016. The demand for non-surgical procedures, particularly facial injectables, has been rising and 33% of healthcare providers think this demand will grow by more than 25% in the next year.1

So, what is driving this growth?

First, the patient demographics are evolving and the millennial movement is growing . Second, recent years have ushered in a new era of openness about medical aesthetics, and we know this trend will continue as we embark on this new decade. The digital revolution and social media have also played a role in breaking down barriers and enabling the flow of information related to this category, as evidenced by the 50 million Google searches for medical aesthetic-related topics.

At Allergan, we are focused on providing accurate and engaging educational information about our products, procedures and the category overall to health care providers and consumers. Our in-house team, Data Labs, is made up of digital thought leaders who came from places like Apple, Amazon, Google and Hulu. This team is reimagining how we can create connections between patients and providers both in and out of the office.

The Data Labs team was established to transform Allergan’s aesthetics digital marketing capabilities. In one year, under the leadership of creative minds like Jasson Gilmore, Chad Hacker, and Tory Brady, they have created a world class digital center of excellence that is helping to augment and power our business.

Data Labs took new approaches to customer connections and loyalty. To date, they helped cultivate 1 million new members on the Brilliant Distinctions loyalty platform (a 27% increase versus 2018) and have plans to transform the existing app to an even more user-friendly program renamed “Allēsm” later this year. They have also executed on numerous sweepstakes, coupons, gift cards and social media campaigns for Allergan’s lineup of aesthetics products. The goal of these ventures? To create a personalized online experience for people interested in medical aesthetics to grow our market.

With all of this, one thing is clear – the future is bright in medical aesthetics. As a worldwide thought leader and driver of gold-standard care for the aesthetics market, we are excited about the possibilities from product innovation to uncharted territories, such as consumer and provider mindsets and behaviors. We can’t wait to see what this next decade has in store.

1: Allergan 360 Aesthetics Report™,

1Brilliant Distinctions Member Database, 1/13/2020. Data on File.

Most Influential: Meet Orange County’s 100 top influencers for 2019

Article from the OC Register

Influencers make their marks in Orange County in myriad ways.

Some we all know because of the public nature of their roles, whether it’s running a major university or, well, being Mike Trout.

Others accomplish so much outside of the spotlight, but they deserve recognition, too.

And it’s our challenge to compile the list of Orange County’s 100 Most Influential People for 2019, a task that’s especially difficult because there are so many people we have to leave off to reach that nice, round number.

We understand the influential roles many people who are not on this year’s list play in the county, and most of them have been on the list multiple times. What we’re trying to capture is a representation of 2019 and the people who did things this year that stood out.

Becks Heyhoe

The native of Northern Ireland makes a difference in her adopted home as the director of the United to End Homelessness effort. She and other leaders in the group took on the challenge of funding 30 federal vouchers in 30 days this summer to prove to HUD officials that it was capable of handling more to help people get off the street.

Read the full article here

Andrew Krongold Named Partner at Spinnaker Investment Group

Partners of Spinnaker Investment Group

Vice President of Investments Andrew Krongold has been named partner in Spinnaker Investment Group, announced company CEO and Chief Investment Officer Morgan Christen. Krongold joins Christen and company president Joseph Stapleton as partners in the seven-member firm, which has more than $330 Million in assets under management.

Krongold has served as Vice President since the firms launch in 2016, providing CFO-level services for businesses and individuals such as customized investment management, life insurance, pension plans and executive compensation solutions.

At Spinnaker he provides leadership on the firms investment committee, and guides marketing and technological innovation efforts. He holds numerous licenses and professional designations, including Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor.

“We are proud to welcome Andrew as an equity partner of Spinnaker Investment Group,” Christen said. “He is one of the big reasons we have been named among Orange County’s fastest growing companies for two years in a row. Andrew not only continues to provide his clients with world-class financial services, but also is valued community leader making a difference in Southern California.”

Krongold developed a passion for investments and teaching others about investing at an early age. He made his first stock purchase at 13 and chose wealth management as a career path soon after graduating from high school. “As a kid I was fascinated with the idea that you could buy a piece of a large company,” he said.

Trading stocks and managing 401k plans early on provided great perspective on the highs and lows investors experience, he added. “Having personally experienced the emotions associated with both making and losing money, I knew I wanted to join a firm that was independent and focused on the needs of clients, rather than be obliged to sell the financial products offered by a large institutional firm,” said Krongold.

Andrew is active in the community of Orange County where he is a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County, a Board member for the NextGen division of the Jewish Federation & Family Services of Orange County, and a board member of the Tocqueville Society of Orange County United Way. In 2019, Krongold was named one of “40 under 40” by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of his accomplishments and service.

A graduate from the University of California San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, Krongold and his wife are residents of Costa Mesa, Calif.

About Spinnaker Investment Group, LLC:

Spinnaker Investment Group, LLC is a privately owned, boutique Investment Company that cares deeply about its clients and is committed to helping them realize their financial independence. The company’s mission is to deliver the highest level of comprehensive wealth management service, helping customers achieve their financial goals and ultimately establish a safe, secure future. With more than 30 years of combined investment experience, the Spinnaker team supports this mission by providing expert financial planning, wealth planning, retirement planning, asset management, securities and insurance. For more information, visit

Rose Parade Highlight

rose parade

On New Year’s Day, 37 million people tuned in to watch the annual Rose Parade. However, what they didn’t see were the months of dedication and preparation that the 900+ “White Suiters,” or volunteers, of the Tournament of Roses gave in producing the beloved New Year’s Tradition.

Of the team of devoted volunteers was Greg Custer, local Newport Beach resident and Executive Vice President at Whittier Trust in Newport Beach. Custer put on his first White Suit over 21 years ago, and has served on the Board of Directors for the Tournament of Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game since 1998. As a White Suiter, he has ensured the success of the Rose Parade through his time on 10 operating committees including University Entertainment (working with the teams on Improv & Lawry’s), Sports Media (working with the sports writers), Post Parade (closing the city streets to display the floats for the public) and TV Radio (working with the TV broadcasters). Most recently, Custer served as Chair of the Float Construction Committee.

Over this past year, Custer and his team of 29, including committee members, mechanics and engineers ensured the construction and safety of 44 floats. Beginning in May, each float underwent a series of 3 inspections including road tests, checking the stability of the frame and making sure the animation on each float was working correctly. Ultimately, the months of behind-the-scenes work by the Float Construction Committee ensured a successful parade with floats that were mechanically, physically and technically sound to withstand the parade’s five mile route.

In addition to overseeing the construction of the floats, Custer plays a role in promoting the event. Honda, as the presenting sponsor, lends out 100 vehicles each year for tournament volunteers to drive in the months prior to the Parade. In his 21 years with the Tournament of Roses, some of Custer’s favorite memories lie in the stories he has heard while driving the official Rose Parade Honda Vehicle. Whether it’s their experience growing up watching the parade, sharing what team they’re rooting for in the game or asking about becoming a volunteer, each encounter brings a new connection, and further incentive to sustain the iconic tradition that is the Rose Parade.

Given the compelling history and tradition of the Rose Parade, it comes to no surprise that such a dedicated band of volunteers like Greg Custer have devoted years of their life to continuing it. Not a surprise there is sort of a crossover between Custer’s professional work and life-long hobby as a White Suiter. Similar to his dedication to the Tournament of Roses, Custer has been with Whittier Trust for over 20 years. Like driving the Tournament Honda and hearing people’s stories, Custer understands that meaningful experiences stretch far beyond the tangible. At Whittier, wealth is about what’s truly important and lasting, paying attention to both the tangible and intangible aspects. His firm understands that building a lasting legacy is the most significant way to leave your mark, similar to what the Tournament of Roses has been doing for the past 131 years.

Cision Impact Now Allows Marketers to Retarget Earned Media Audiences

We are so excited to announce significant new updates to the next generation Cision Communications Cloud® – the company’s communications platform that delivers best-in-class earned media monitoring and analytics, media and social influencer campaign management, multi-channel press release distribution, and earned media retargeting.

Today’s updates include a range of improvements to the Cision Communications Cloud’s Impact product offering. Cision Impact, first released in late 2017, is a suite of solutions that allow PR and marketing professionals to prove and build on the value of earned media. This includes the new Cision Audiences and Cision Activation. With the launch of Audiences and Activation, brands are now able to capture and retarget earned media audiences at the peak of their content consumption.

While Cision Audiences has been in an early access program since earlier this year, it is now widely available. Audiences helps brands identify and activate potential customers based on their earned media consumption for more than 2 million online sources, including articles, blog posts, and other content. With Audiences, clients can integrate earned media into paid and owned functions through comprehensive earned media analysis, persona creation, and campaign activation based on contextual media consumption.

“The latest Cision Communications Cloud updates continue to push the industry forward, firmly cementing the comms team’s seat at the marketing table,” said Kevin Akeroyd, Cision CEO. “Our early access Impact clients have already seen incredible results from their use of Audiences and Activation, boosting the performance of their paid media spend using contextual earned media consumption. We’re thrilled to now be able to introduce these tools to the broader market.”

The latest enhancements to the next generation Cision Communications Cloud allow communications teams to:

Know which media coverage results in traffic back to their website, which coverage gets in front of the right audiences for their goals, and which coverage reaches the largest actual audience.

Build comprehensive personas based on the firmographic and demographic characteristics that matter to their business, to understand how each segment consumes media coverage and converts to their website.

Activate audiences based on their contextual consumption of earned media coverage with targeted paid ad campaigns to reinforce brand messaging.

Identify audiences based on their earned media consumption – including industry news and competitors’ coverage – and then activate those audiences with messages about their own brand.

“We all intuitively understand the power of earned media, but Cision helps us prove it,” said Megan Tweed, Head of Performance Communications at Edelman. “We have seen tremendous results leveraging Cision Impact to identify and retarget earned media audiences. Edelman’s Performance Communications clients are experiencing 3-5x increases in click-through rates (CTRs) and generating up to 12x in return on ad spend (ROAS) by reaching an incremental, high-value audience for paid activation.”

The latest updates to the next generation Cision Communications Cloud are available in the United States and Canada and will be available in other markets soon!