AAA Walks to End Distracted Driving

End Distracted Driving

AAA clubs hosted Walks to End Distracted Driving in eight states this year as part of the “Don’t Drive Intoxicated. Don’t Drive Intexticated.” initiative. The goal of the campaign, which began in April 2018, is to make smartphone use behind the wheel as socially unacceptable as impaired driving.

In addition to TV and radio PSAs, branch signage and social media messaging, the walks took the safety message to the streets. They also increased employee engagement with the initiative, gave distracted driving survivors and family members an opportunity to educate the public with their stories, generated media coverage of the issue, and strengthened partnerships with community groups, government agencies and law enforcement that attended the walks. Walks in some states took place to coincide with pushes for new laws to prevent distracted driving.

More than 3,700 employees, community partners, and members participated in the walks, which took place in Montgomery, AL in April; Montpelier, VT in June; Pittsburgh, PA, Norfolk, VA, Houston, TX, and Portland, ME in September; and St. Louis, MO and Long Beach, CA on Oct. 5.

“Our goal is to save lives and prevent injuries by putting an end to texting, emailing, and other distracting smartphone use while driving,” said ACE President and CEO John Boyle. “We are committed to accomplishing this by reminding drivers that using a smartphone when behind the wheel can result in the same tragedies as impaired driving.”

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EPIC Insurance Raises Awareness Around Cybersecurity

Epic Insurance

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), a collaborative effort between government and industry to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity. Join us in sharing this year’s message to Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT. If you have any questions about our cybersecurity insurance program or want to learn more about what we offer, let’s connect.

Security breaches create significant business disruption, negatively impact stock performance, and are frequently resulting in termination of company officers. At EPIC, we’ve identified cyber risk exposure through emerging technologies to be the TOP risk facing the business and industry.

We can’t just ignore it

The numbers are alarming

  • The average cost of a data breach in 2018 was $3.86 million
  • The average cost for legal defense alone is $698,797
  • The average cost for legal settlement is $558,520
  • The average cyber claim payout is $733,109
  • The average claim payout for a large company is $2.9 million
  • It takes a company an average of 191 days to detect an intrusion
  • 69% of companies learn from a 3rd party that they have even been breached
  • 1 in 10 URLs are malicious
  • Web attacks are up 56% in 2019

These aren’t numbers to scare you, these are numbers to prepare you. If you don’t already have a plan in place, let’s talk through a strategy sooner than later.

It’s time to take action

Given today’s high volume of cyber threats, you need an experienced Cyber and Technology Risk Placement Team that can provide:

  • Risk Identification/ERM Capabilities
  • Access to Best in Claim Pre-Breach Resources and Post-Breach Vendors and Consultants
  • Experienced Cyber Claims and Legal Support

In addition to state of the art insurance protection, in the event of a data breach, our team works closely with EPIC clients to help manage the costs associated with investigation, response, regulatory inquiries, lawsuits and reputational fallout that are all a part of the cyber breach response process.

You can’t afford to be intimidated by cybersecurity

When the Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers released its Cyber Insurance Market Watch Survey results in 2019, it announced that cyber insurance take-up rates remained relatively low at around 33 percent, despite widely publicized and international events. Don’t sit idly on an issue that’s so widespread. We all know better, and we can take important measures to protect our businesses.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. EPIC’s team can deliver comprehensive recommendations on mitigating technology risks. This includes changes in legal or contractual terms, specific insurance coverage adjustments aligned with unique technology risks, and guidance on solutions to protect your specific environment.

You can’t afford to assume it won’t happen to you

Small to mid-sized organizations often think attackers only go after the big companies. In fact, 75% of small and midsized companies have NO cyber coverage. It’s important to remember, attackers don’t discriminate. 50% of cyber-attacks occur at businesses with less than 1,000 people.

Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.
#BeCyberSmart #CyberAware

Is Your Culture Directly Tied to Your Business? 7 Steps to Show You How

A manager once said to me: “We used to have an awful culture. People blamed each other when mistakes were made, there was favoritism from leaders, low engagement from employees, people didn’t feel valued, and it was a punishing rather than learning-oriented culture. Every day was a struggle and felt like a battlefield coming to work.”

“That sounds awful,” I replied. “How is it today?”

“So much better.” He continued. “We brought in a training program that focused on values and we removed some of the most negative leaders. Today, people are kind to each other, more respectful of each other, and there is much more focus on employee development and engagement. Favoritism is gone, and people feel more valued.”

“And, what was the impact on your business?” I asked. “Would you consider your organization high-performing?”

The leader said, “Well, we are performing better than we did when we had a negative cultural environment, but I can’t say that we are high-performing!”

“How do you know that your business isn’t high-performing?” I continued to explore.

“We aren’t as profitable as we need to be, and our competition still gets higher customer satisfaction scores. We are improving through lean and agile process improvement, but it’s not having the significant impact we were hoping for.”

Having a negative culture directly causes poor business results — no question about it.

However, while improving your culture to remove the negativity will initially improve business results, it won’t result in a high-performing business.

Seven Steps to Directly Link Your Culture To Your Business

Step 1: Redefine your focus of culture from values to execution (behaviors). This is demonstrated by the collective habits at all levels and functions of your organization.

Step 2: Clarify your breakthrough business strategy and priorities. Identify those few initiatives that would take your business to a completely new level of success.

Step 3: Redefine expectations at different levels (not job positions) of your organization, from executive to individual contributor. Starting with individual contributors, answer the following question: If individual contributors were optimizing their execution in order to achieve those breakthrough strategies and priorities, how would they be showing up differently and sustainably in terms of engagement, teamwork, mindset, behaviors and attitude?

Step 4: Define 5 to 10 optimal team habits for all levels, functions and cross-functional groups. This is an engaged process to describe the optimal way the team would work together to produce the highest-performing results, given the constraints of their work environment

Step 5: Create a baseline measurement for each team habit. Using the same engagement process, each team will determine their current level of effectiveness for each team habit.

Step 6: As a team, agree on the top one to three team habits for focused improvement. Based on both, which team habits are most critical for improving business results, and which will build stronger, more trusting relationships?

Step 7: Monitor and address challenges, and continue improving and reinforcing the new habits of behavior, attitude and action.

The Biggest Discovery

By focusing on execution, not only do business results improve but so too do employee satisfaction and retention.

This article was originally published in a longer format on – the original can be viewed here.

The Literacy Project Celebrates 10 Years

Literacy Project

On October 11, The Literacy Project held its annual gala at the Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, CA. The evening consisted of a gourmet dinner provided by the resort’s catering staff and sponsored by Zotovich Estate Wines, a silent auction of local donations and incredible sports memorabilia, a live auction of amazing getaways, and a spectacular magic performance by the sensational Kevin Viner. Guests were dressed to the nines as they enjoyed a magical night of the Harry Potter themed gala. The Literacy Project put on a fantastic evening of celebrating and promoting the impact of the foundation over the years. The event was a huge success, raising over $98,000 for the program.

This year is notably special, as it marks the 10th anniversary of The Literacy Project’s establishment. Founder Sue Grant and Executive Director Kimberly Vig, honored their board members for the years of service and dedication they have provided the foundation. The real stars of the show, however, were the three students spotlighted for their achievements with The Literacy Project’s reading program. The students had the chance to meet role models who inspire them to pursue greatness. Special thanks go out to these role models: Alfred Gomez, a firefighter from Santa Ana Fire Station 71, Gloria Lee, a client relations partner at Rutan and Tucker, and Jack Syage, CEO of ImmunogenX. Each student was congratulated for their success in improving their literacy skills and given a special gift by their role models.

After the success of the night, The Literacy Project looks forward to many more years of serving Southern California’s underprivileged youth and continuing to encourage students to succeed in and out of school. Throughout its 10 years of operation, the foundation has helped over 9,000 children overcome the insecurity of poor literacy skills and find a passion in reading. The impact made in children’s lives through this program is priceless. The Literacy Project is tackling the impediments that hold children behind in school by targeting the second and third graders who are at risk of falling behind. By providing the extra support and guidance to children that is not always readily accessible to some students, The Literacy Project is helping to create stronger and brighter futures for the next generation. The success of the foundation’s first decade is only the first chapter of the impact The Literacy Project will make during the forthcoming years.

Indi CEO Neel Grover Recognized as an Innovator of the Year by the Orange County Business Journal

Indi Logo

Neel Grover, CEO and founder of Indi, has been honored as an Innovator of the Year by the Orange County Business Journal. Grover was one of five entrepreneurs recognized at the fifth annual awards presentation held at the Hotel Irvine in Irvine, California, on Sept. 25, 2019.

The Innovator of the Year Awards honor, recognize and celebrate individuals and their organizations who are creating game-changing products and services, and demonstrate brilliance and leadership in innovation. This year’s awardees represented firms involved in healthcare services and AI, industrial micro-devices, enterprise collaboration software, and ecommerce engagement for brands and individuals.

Indi Engage is a video user-generated content SaaS platform for brands and retailers that is transforming engagement and commerce through the proven power of sharing user-generated content. It is designed to leverage the impact of word-of-mouth advertising as the richest path to authenticity, new customers and ROI.

“Indi Engage is the first and only platform that fully integrates high-impact, user-generated content for the benefit of both brands and individuals,” said Grover. “Brands are seeing dramatic increases in conversion rates, while individuals can share their experiences and create a new source of income.”

Indi Engage enables customers and employees who are the best and most authentic influencers to drive awareness and become a virtual sales force by sharing their experience with the brand in the form of video and photo product reviews directly uploaded on the brand’s site or in its app. It also includes deeper brand ambassador programs whereby customers and employees earn commissions and rewards for driving performance-based sales as well as a robust content management tool for curation and data analysis.

For information on the Indi solution, visit

A Serious Investment in a Serious Company: Anduril

Anduril Industries Office

Written by Josh Wolfe

In the present we take for granted the past. In science, we take for granted that we stand on the shoulders of giants – those who sought truth, or maybe fame, and in return gave us progress. We take for granted scientists the world over who, throughout history, sought safety and freedom on U.S. shores.

In family, we take for granted ancestors who sacrificed so much for us. In citizenship, we take for granted the good fortune that has us born or arrive into a country – itself built upon waves of arriving immigrants, all seeking somewhere better, escaping somewhere worse.

At Lux, we are a team of ethnically and religiously diverse Americans: Pakistani, Iraqi, Kashmiri, Australian, Vietnamese, Iranian, and Israeli; Jewish, Muslim, Christians, Catholics, and Atheists. We have very common values and very diverse views and we are grateful we live in a country where the freedom to debate is among our many freedoms that are defended.

Amid the distractions of daily divisive and rancorous politics, we take for granted the grand arc of history towards improving conditions and ever-expanding freedoms, rights and opportunities to ever more diverse people. And we take for granted the history of all those who have sacrificed – in hard-fought wars, foreign and civil – for ideas and ideals greater than themselves to give us progress.

In high-growth technology, from radio and radar to satellites and semiconductors, from lasers and rockets to GPS and voice recognition – we take for granted that so much of it came directly from demands in defense.
Lux has long funded founders and technologists advancing capabilities useful for our defense, including drones on land, sea, and air (Saildrone, Aria, AirMap, Hangar, DRL); satellites and rockets (Planet, Kymeta, Orbital Insight, Astranis, Relativity); semiconductors (Mythic, Everspin, Flex Logix); artificial intelligence (Clarifai, Primer); radar (Echodyne); and perimeter security (Evolv).

And we take for granted that everything we and our diverse and often foreign-born entrepreneurs get to do in this country all depends on its very strong defense. We can invent technologies that solve vast challenges in healthcare, energy, transportation, manufacturing, and computing. We can recruit talent the world over. We can rely on a stable currency and the ability to access highly mature and efficient capital markets. We can assemble complex supply chains, while sourcing and selling products in dozens of foreign countries. We rely on rule of law to protect inventions and contracts. All of this is possible because our national security remain steadfast.

Read full story here.

Mavatar Technologies Becomes Google Cloud Technology Partner


Making it easier for enterprise customers to monetize ALL their assets across their organizations

Mavatar Technologies Inc. today announces that it has become a Google Cloud Technology Partner. Google Cloud customers can now buy the flagship mCart omnichannel marketplace & shop-able content publishing platform-as-a-service from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. This partnership allows Mavatar to “make the world around us shop-able,” a promise that seemed simply impossible until a few years ago.

“Google Cloud may be one of a handful of organizations in the world with the resources and willpower to vet a powerful partner ecosystem to meet its enterprise customers’ visions. Google Cloud is not only offering their own state of the art technologies and services, but also introducing and supporting start-ups to innovate complementary technologies that Google Cloud’s customers need to address their short and long term objectives,” said Mavatar CEO and Co-Founder Susan Akbarpour. “We appreciate that Google Cloud empowers its teams to find, support and fund moonshots such as mCart that can address complex problems preventing major enterprises from capturing new opportunities like building lucrative new business models, and not just obtaining a marginal improvement.”

“The retail sector has to make a dent in Amazon’s aggressive efforts to accelerate the demise of struggling retail players. The mCart platform-as-a-service is here to help retailers close the gap between online and in-store experience, partnering with a network of unconventional channels. mCart marketplaces are driven by the assets Amazon can’t own overnight, such as content, experience, userbase, relationships, service, real estate, and technology,” Akbarpour said.

mCart smart shopping carts direct shoppers from every movie, magazine, social post, event, living room or any corner of a shop-able world right to retailers’ checkouts only on cost per transaction (CPT) basis, without any costly and opaque middlemen such as affiliate networks.

As a Google Cloud Partner, Mavatar enables Google Cloud customers to establish their own turnkey mCart platform that leverages a series of cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, AI, image search, and more. The mCart ecosystem fairly distributes value between the relevant parties for every transaction, from retailers to marketplace operators, influencers and shoppers.

As part of the partner ecosystem, Google Cloud is providing Mavatar with go-to-market and technical support.

Key features of the mCart omnichannel marketplace and shop-able content publishing platform-as-a-service include:

  • Aggregation of partner stores’ inventories and connecting their existing e-commerce infrastructure to mCart marketplaces
  • Fueling mCart marketplaces with corporate assets via the shop-able content publishing platform
  • Influencer registration and management to create an influencer external sales and marketing force for mCart marketplaces
  • Trade Promotion Management (TPM) System
  • Real-time smart contracts for affiliate payments on blockchain
  • AI-powered CRM and data analytics

Visit the mCart PaaS in the GCP Marketplace today.

Ntooitive Selected by L.A. Care Health Plan


Ntooitive, the end-to-end digital technology partner marketing leaders trust to deliver campaign efficiency, speed and effectiveness, has been selected by L.A. Care Health Plan, the largest publicly-operated health plan in the country, as its Digital Marketing Agency of Record.

To drive and support a growing healthcare practice, Ntooitive has also officially announced its new data-driven digital marketing service, Ntooitive Healthcare, that helps companies in the healthcare industry effectively reach target audiences through the application of HIPAA-compliant marketing and technology solutions.

impactSHOW 2019 Recap

By Sinan Kanatsiz, Chairman, Internet Marketing Association 

Our latest conference, impactSHOW 2019, was a fantastic success! From content and performances, dining and gift bags, to exhibitors and networking opportunities, I’m proud to say this may have been our best IMPACT yet.

Here’s a general recap of key moments throughout the day. There are plenty to mention!

The morning featured breakfast in the dining hall, surrounded by exhibitor displays from Pepperdine, ViewSonic, UCI Biological Sciences, Caterina’s Club, Microsoft, Ntooitive Digital, Civic Financial Services and Salesforce. International Singer Maria Elena welcomed the audience to the main ballroom with various songs to uplift the morning.

The start of the event showcased an IMA Opening Video. Our new IMA Initiatives – such as the brand new IMA membership and IMA Virtual Training system – were showcased by Sean Conrad (IMA).

Following the opening remarks, the audience heard from several industry leaders including, Jeff Kearl (STANCE), Shawn Herrera and Charla Griffy-Brown (Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business, Jay Symonds (Amazon), Vikas Khorana (Ntooitive), Timothy Hogan (CONVYR), Jeanniey Mullen (DailyPay, Inc.), Perry Evoniuk (Evite), Jay Calvert and Bruno Serato (Caterina’s Club).

Our whole afternoon session was jam-packed with content from thought leaders from different sectors. Afternoon speakers included, Mike Matuz (FMA Agency), Marty O’Connor (MOCA), the Salesforce panel featured bright thought leaders in the company – Heidi Reinfeld, Rick Munoz, Adriana Sesana, Yi Leng Lee, and Adam Doti, Jesse Walker and Sean Conrad (EPIC Insurance), Victor Cho (Evite), Andy Fathollahi (The Kanvas Co.), Yaniv Kotler (Honest Globe Inc.) and Nick Kovacevich (Kushco Holdings Inc.), Magician Kevin Li, Rene Rodriguez (Volentum), Jedidiah Collins (Brighton Jones), Christi Olson (Microsoft), Neel Grover (Indi), Randy Hetrick (TRX), Scott Mencken (Move Inc.), Tariq Kursheed (CSI), Richard Lumsden (SOCi), (Sport Clips Haircuts), Brad Lea (LightSpeed VT), Kevin Maloney (International Executive Council), David Latona (Tompkins International), Kendra Rommel (Civic Financial Services), Kamin Samuel, Matt Nicosia (Vivakor Inc), Don Donovan & Erik Leist (Baker Street), Brandon Dawson (Cardone Ventures), Dr. Frank LaFerla (UCI BioSci), Live via satellite, Dr. Oz, Palmer Luckey (Anduril & Oculus VR), Ken Berrick (Seneca Family of Agencies) and Cody Kearns (iComeUp Marketing).

After a full day of thought leadership, we jumped into our Startup Pitch Challenge which featured judges – Carey Ransom (Accelerate O), Brandon Dawson (Cardone Ventures), Shawn Dougherty (EXOIO & Mophie) & Sean Burke (Channelstars) – who asked various questions on the development of the startups who presented:

• Elixicure – Eyal Kotler
• BubblePOP – Theresa Vuong
• Akhan Semiconductor – Adam Khan
• Slidetown – Danielle Daly, Eric Lundbohm

At the end of the decision round, Elixicure was chosen as the winning startup for impactSHOW19.

The 2019 IMPACT Awards honored 39 final recipients in various product and service categories, and all recipients joined in for a solid group photo. The impactSHOW attendees were then welcomed to a fantastic multi-course fine dining experience held at the NoMad Restaurant with entertainment by Maria Elena and Nick Mardon carrying the vibe throughout the night.

There’s still plenty to unpack from this event! You can find a more detailed account in our upcoming full impactSHOW19 report, to be released within the coming weeks.

Check out our photo gallery here

Thank you for making this an awesome experience!

TV Liquidator Touch Screen Computer Kiosks at New Low Price

TV Liquidator is a company that is known for providing high quality digital signage at unbeatable prices. Their focus has been programmable outdoor LED displays. But lately their fastest growing category is Touch Screen Computer Kiosks. This product has been changing the dynamic of businesses all across the USA and Canada by increasing customer engagement in many different ways. From order fulfillment in restaurants to wayfinding in museums, these kiosks are changing the way that businesses interact by giving customers something that they can see, hear, and touch.

The Touch Screen Computer Kiosk is one of the most versatile displays on the market. Boasting the power of a full desktop computer, this Kiosk can run virtually any software needed to display your content. Running on 8GB of ram and a 64GB solid state drive, it has what it takes to keep up with the latest software and programs. The kiosk comes preloaded with a Windows 10 operating system instead of using a cumbersome Android layer that many other products use. Everything is viewed on a 1080p high definition touch screen which allows for amazing picture quality and that physical interaction that people enjoy. A stand out feature of these kiosks are their ability to integrate peripherals such as cameras for photo booths and card readers for receiving payment using the provided USB ports. Integrating this device into your network is a breeze with its built in WiFi and Ethernet ports. Whether you are using this at your business, organization, trade show, or your showroom, a TV Liquidator kiosk will take your space to the next level.

TV Liquidator has always been dedicated to ensuring that all businesses, regardless of size, have access to premium digital signage at rock bottom prices. They have recently lowered the price on their 50″ Wall Mount Computer Kiosk to $1985 and that includes free shipping. They have both wall mounted and floor standing kiosks available. All of their products come ready to mount straight out of the box and are extremely simple to install. They also have unlimited programming and technical support, which is a gold mine for those of us who aren’t as tech savvy.

Overall, the Touchscreen Computer Kiosk from TV Liquidator is an amazing product with endless possibilities. Give one of their experts a call and they will surely find a solution for you. Call 888-885-7740 or click here.