Salesforce Input on Design-Led Culture

Relationships By Design

By Justin Maguire, Executive Vice President, Product UX, Salesforce

When I first came to Salesforce four years ago, I wanted to answer this question: How do you inspire a design-led culture? Here are some observations.

1. In an increasingly digital world, people matter more

Digital transformation has changed the way the world operates, sometimes sacrificing personal connection for automation and efficiency. There has never been a more important time to ensure the customer is at the center of every conversation. Designing for the relationships you want will maintain the humanity of digital engagement.

2. Designing for people is a shared responsibility

The idea of the “democratization of design” can send shudders through the design community. It doesn’t mean that our craft, and the craftsmanship that comes with it, can be distributed across an organization to everyone. It does mean we recognize good ideas can come from anywhere, and we should empower anyone to take an active role in great experiences.

3. The power of digital enables us to be personal at scale

Today, we have more than 40,000 employees across the globe providing solutions for millions of subscribers. Yet walking our halls, we still feel authentic and familiar. We have a proven ability to innovate at scale, without sacrificing our culture. Everything about our mission, purpose, environment, values, and execution is intentional, which is the very essence of design culture, whether or not we use the word “design” to describe it.

4. Don’t seek perfection — seek to perfect

Building a lasting customer relationship starts with the recognition that relationships and people aren’t static, they’re dynamic. Designing for relationships must be seen as an evergreen effort in the service of an evolving set of customer needs. Organizations must align around the ways in which we define and measure healthy relationships.

5. End-to-end, values-driven design is a unique differentiator

We have hundreds of designers throughout the organization who come together through our passion for ensuring our brand and values are expressed in every aspect of our relationships. These relationships span across the people we serve, the product we build, and the planet we live on. This is fairly unique in a world that often treats customer relationships as purely transactional.

With these observations in mind, Salesforce is launching an initiative to elevate and amplify the role that design plays in our organization. We’re working to maximize the effect our design teams’ contributions have in establishing and providing stronger relationships with our customers, and in turn, their customers.

Driving this initiative is Relationship Design, our commitment to build trust with every experience we co-create with our community. Grounded in our values, it’s how we shape lasting relationships.

We are establishing a program to share our learnings, our processes, and help engage everyone who influences the customer experience. That way, we can all take a different, more personal approach to serving the new needs of customers and exceeding evolving expectations.

Learn more about this initiative and stay updated as we expand our offerings. We look forward to sharing as we go.

ViewSonic Americas President Jeff Volpe Highlights Collaboration, Technology, Inspiration and Leadership as Essential Best Practices for a Competitive Edge in New Seven-Part Video Series

ViewSonic Vision

ViewSonic, a leading global provider of display solutions, has launched a series of succinct thought leadership video messages presented by Jeff Volpe, President of ViewSonic Americas, as interviewed by Sean Conrad, CEO of the Internet Marketing Association. The series offers insights into key aspects of collaboration, technology, inspiration and leadership.

“Digital transformation continues to become ever more pervasive in enterprise, education and other sectors as a driver of growth and competitive edge,” said Volpe. “We are very pleased to share these observations based on partnering with our customers around the world and helping them leverage technology to thrive in this digital environment. Moreover, we have successfully navigated many of these issues internally in our drive to build a highly effective organization.”

The seven-part series on Essential Best Practices for a Competitive Edge is being posted weekly to the ViewSonic website. Topics include:

– Collaboration in Enterprise and Education – digitizing group learning; enhancing delivery to inspire students; efficiency, communication and focus in the workspace; common cause and organizational goals

– Digital Transformation and Solutions Orientation – leveraging core organizational DNA; synergizing product innovation and teams; digitizing the business to meet change; engaging teams in a bright future; creating a problem-solving, customer-centric ecosystem

– Technology Impact in the Workspace – worldwide collaboration and teamwork; efficiency and ROI on human capital; reducing wasted meeting time; faster, more productive experiences

– Collaboration: Driving Productivity – definition and implementation with teams; moving from analog to digital; productivity with global reach; ideation and optimized outcomes

– Technology and Customer Relationships – sharing data, ideas and best practices; boosting productivity with solutions provided; optimizing flexibility and adaptability; providing intelligence on technology trends

– Sources of Inspiration for Growth – blending outside influences with internal processes; collaborating and inspiring one another; communicating strategic goals, vision and culture internally; empowering with information toward a common cause; encouraging independent thought, initiative and contribution

– Leadership Best Practices – innovating and adapting for success; fostering agility in tactics to achieve strategy; learning from outside and inside sources; surrounding oneself with complementary experts; encouraging collaboration and support; inspiring and empowering the voice of employees

These best practices can be applied in nearly any industry segment or type of organization. They are particularly important as organizations continue to build digital workspaces and strive to boost productivity. ViewSonic technology solutions are designed to provide significant support in achieving these goals.

ViewSonic solutions are at the hub of creating environments designed to fulfill the promise of collaboration and interconnectedness between multiple platforms and users. They are designed to help organizations build competitive advantage, improve customer experience, boost operational efficiency, reduce cost, and enhance value and revenue. The company works diligently to deliver integrated solutions that provide these benefits while also sharing technical expertise and application knowledge for the professional AV community.

For information on ViewSonic visual solutions for digital transformation, visit

About ViewSonic

Founded in California, ViewSonic is a leading global provider of visual solutions with a presence in over 100 cities around the world. As an innovator and visionary, ViewSonic is committed to providing comprehensive hardware and software solutions that include monitors, projectors, digital signage, ViewBoard interactive displays and myViewBoard software ecosystem. With over 30 years of expertise in visual displays, ViewSonic has established a strong position for delivering innovative and reliable solutions for education, enterprise, consumer and professional markets and helping customers “See the Difference.” To find out more about ViewSonic, please visit

3 Tips for Successful Virtual Events


From the Presentation Experts at Slidetown

Did you multitask in your meetings yesterday? Yeah, I figured as much.

Imagine what your virtual event attendees are doing.

If you’re standing in front of an audience, chances are you know some tricks to keep them engaged. You might pace around the room, use gestures, note who looks bored and ask them a question. Any number of things can bring attendees’ attention back to you in a live setting.

But virtual events – like webinars, meetings or virtual conferences – leave you flying blind.

After producing thousands of presentations for virtual and live events, we’ve come up with three tried-and-true ways to make your next one a success.

Captivate Through Control

In a webinar or virtual meeting, your mission is to control attendees’ focus, so they don’t read ahead and then pop over to their email. You need to be deliberate on how you design your slides to keep them engaged.

While it seems a little counterintuitive, you need a LOT of slides. Where in a typical meeting where you can pause on a slide for a while, you need to fly through slides every few seconds to keep your audience’s attention in the virtual world. Break apart your slides so there is only a snippet or two of information on each, and keep them moving to sustain your attendees’ eyes on the screen.

Use powerful visuals and elegant – not cheesy – animations to take the place of too much text. And don’t fall into a rut with every slide looking the same. You can still stay on brand while introducing variety – like a full-screen image or a solid-color slide with a few pithy words – rather than using the same old text template, slide after slide.

Your replacement for gestures? Vocal variety. Get loud, get soft. Vary your pitch from high to low, and your speed from fast to slow. Every now and again, pause – but not for too long.

Another great trick is to use anticipation. Say an attendee is looking at another screen like their phone, but is still listening. If you say “as you can see right here” or “as I’m about to show you,” but don’t say exactly what’s on the slide, they may wonder what you’re showing and come back.

Use Platform Engagement Tools

Every webinar platform has tools designed to engage audiences, but they’re rarely used. You can set yourself apart by simply becoming familiar with the tools at your disposal. The simplest to use are things like highlighters, drawing tools for circling key points, or moving your cursor to point at elements on your slides.

Polls are easy to set up in advance of your presentation. Just think of a few questions that would yield interesting results, prove your point or give you data to use for future needs. Take a few minutes to prepare answers for each of the possible outcomes and rehearse them, so you’re ready to handle whatever the queries might be.

According to Malcolm Lotzof, Business Technology Strategist at Intrado Digital Media, “If the purpose of your presentation is to generate leads, you could use a tool like ours to deliver a call to action through a poll asking the viewers if they would like someone to contact them within 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days or never.”

And don’t wait to deliver your call to action until the end of your session when people are dropping off or preparing for their next meeting. Lotzof continues, “The key is to place the call to action in the presentation where an emotion is being elicited. The emotion drives the response, the response drives the call to action, and the call to action drives results.”

Then, there’s video. Don’t just turn it on and leave it going. Use it strategically. Turn it on at your intro while establishing a connection, then off for a while when talking about complex information that the participant needs to process, and then back on when you’re making an emotional point. And be sure to end with it on. If your collaboration platform supports multiple videos, then start the webinar with you and your co-presenter on live video. If the platform supports pre-recorded video, use that in your webinar when appropriate to reengage your audience. Follow with your call-to-action poll, and you’ve created a dramatically different experience.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Part of the problem with boring webinars is that best practices have died off. “Presenters – especially internal presenters – tend to wait until the last minute to prepare their decks,” says Lori Bush Shepard, a strategic marketing consultant and former corporate marketing VP at Marketo and Clarizen. “They scramble to bolt together what I like to call a ‘Franken-deck’ of slides from other presentations. There’s often no cohesive story. You really need to take a step back, think of what message you want your attendees to get from the presentation, and then structure a well-organized session to make sure they get it.”

What’s in this for your co-presenters? Are they product marketers desperate for leads? Are they looking to raise their status in the organization? Arm them with arguments for how being creative and being ready ahead of time can help them achieve their goals.

In Short, Everything Has To Be Better

Don’t let your virtual events be a virtual disaster. Use creative and bold slide design, your platform’s engagement tools, video, and a streamlined message to prevent a waste of effort.

Bottom line: only engaged attendees convert.

Take Five: Meet Joe Stapleton, judging chair, NB Christmas Boat Parade

Ring of Light Judges

By Amy Senk

The floats really float, and the lights seem like they would be bright enough to see from space. It’s the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade, celebrating its 111th year, and it’s opening December 18 for a five-night run, beginning each evening about 6:30 p.m. and winding around Newport Harbor on a route that begins and ends at the tip of Lido Isle. The annual event draws thousands of spectators watching from land and water, and the Commodores Club of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce organizes everything from safety and logistics to judging the entries. I caught up with the parade’s chairman of judging, Joe Stapleton, to find out more.

Joe Stapleton, Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade’s judging chair

Q: You are the chair of judging for the boat parade. What are the things that make the biggest impressions, both favorably and unfavorably?

A: It always surprises me how far our participants are willing to go to exceed their efforts from the prior year. Our judges are looking for boats that are the most innovative, and you can always tell who did the required planning to make their boat the most spectacular. Our Boat Parade is one of the best and most well-known Christmas events in the United States, and that comes with a responsibility that we do not take lightly. Our boat owners spend considerable time, effort and money to make the parade a spectacle that is enjoyed by all those viewing. Our judges have the opportunity to reward the best efforts of those participants.

Q: Could you describe in a nutshell how judging the parade works — how many judges are there, is it over many nights, do you confer with one another?

A: The basic system for judging the boat parade has been in place for several years and well before I took over the job of Chief Judge this year. My predecessor, Seymour Beek, was responsible for judging the parade for the last 25 years, so certainly there are big shoes to fill. There are four judging categories, two judging locations, two judging nights and eight judges per location. The four categories are: Best Use of Lights, Best Animation/Special Effects, Best Music and Best Humor & Originality.

Q: What was the craziest or most incredible boat you ever saw?

A: It is always fun to watch “El Navegante” with their fire breathing dragon and “The Last Hurrah” with its Disney-style animation battle it out for the top spot each year. We also enjoy recognizing the little guys who come up with some creative ways to decorate small boats.

Q: What is your favorite part of the boat parade?

A: No question my favorite part of the Christmas Boat Parade each year is watching our community come together to pull off such an incredible display of holiday cheer.

Q: Where do you usually set up during the parade, and do you have any tips for our readers who want a good view?

A: For the last 10 years I have been out on the water volunteering each night to make sure the parade is well-organized and everyone comes home safe. However, this will be the first time I get to watch the parade from land as the boats go by. I would recommend everyone go to and follow the link for viewing to find the best places to watch. Marina Park has quickly become a crowd favorite as one of our newest jewels of the harbor, but there’s nothing better than supporting our local Chamber businesses during this time of year and enjoying some food and drinks in the warmth of our world-class restaurants, hotels and yacht clubs on the water.

Amy Senk is a longtime resident of Corona del Mar and a regular contributor to Stu News Newport.

Give your Philanthropy a Thoughtful Year-end Makeover


With National Philanthropy Day in mid-November kicking off the “Season of Giving,” it is important that you take stock of your philanthropic values and actions as the year winds down. It is important to make sure that your giving is aligned with your needs and those of your family, but also that the giving maximizes impact.

Before you GIVE… THINK. You think deeply about things that matter to you. You are strategic about your business. You are thoughtful about your family. You are intentional about your friendships. Why should your philanthropy be any different? Take the time at the end of the year to think clearly about what drives you to give, where you have given in the past and what legacy you want to leave in the world.

You charitable giving is your way to make a positive impact on the world around you. In order to maximize that impact, you—and society—deserve to get the most ‘bang for the buck.’ It should never be a haphazard decision, but an intentional choice. To make sure it is intentional, we suggest creating some sort of worksheet (such as our Donor Impact Roadmap) for yourself to identify the specifics of why and how you want to give.

Getting clear about these elements will help you think through not only ‘where’ and ‘why’ you want to give, but also the ‘how.’ Moreover, if you want to maximize your impact, you will also consider ‘how you will know you made a difference’ as a part of your calculations and planning.

At Ersoylu Consulting, philanthropy is our business. We are data-driven ‘do-gooders’ who exist to make your charitable giving simple and impactful. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Whether you are a foundation looking to research best practices, a corporate CSR Manager looking to survey your staff about volunteerism or a Wealth Manager looking to gain more clarity around giving options, we are here to help you.

We bring the tools and analytics from decades of experience in the social science field to help you do the work-of-giving in a strategic, thoughtful way. There are countless ways to make a difference. Let us help you find the key giving strategies that make the most sense for you today.

Dr. Leah Ersoylu is President at Ersoylu Consulting, a data-driven philanthropy consultancy.

For more information, visit us at

The Literacy Project Looking Ahead

Literacy Project

We are about to wrap up another successful Fall semester in our schools as we head into the holiday season and prepare for 2020! We are so proud of all our organization has accomplished with our students and schools as we bring the joy of reading into the lives of children across Southern California and Utah. The Literacy Project will be celebrating our final graduation party of 2019 this December. Our best friend, Wienerschnitzel’s The Delicious One, will be making a surprise appearance and the students will get a celebratory lunch sponsored by Wienerschnitzel.

We have one more big announcement!

The Literacy Project is thrilled to announce that we have officially crossed state lines again as we bring our program into Phoenix, Arizona! We’re not always exclusively working in schools. In Arizona, we’ll be working with Affordable Housing Associates to help an apartment community with children who are struggling to find their passion for reading. This is the third apartment community that we’ll be bringing our program into. Our newest teacher, Nancy Lake, will be equipped with our teaching tool, The New Phonics Game, to teach the children how to read in a game format. It’s a very exciting way to end to 2019!

Enplug and Alertus Collaboration Brings Emergency Preparedness to Digital Signage


Preparing for and responding to emergency situations isn’t always something people like to think about, but it’s a reality that must be addressed. In any natural or manmade disaster, a quick and controlled response is essential to minimize collateral damage and preserve safety for those affected by the situation.

With the proliferation of digital signage in public spaces comes an opportunity to harness the power of this medium to quickly disseminate critical information in the event of an emergency. Enplug is leading the charge, thanks to its recent integration with Alertus – one of the leading emergency mass notification systems for large-area, high-occupancy facilities. This collaboration brings one of the most trusted solutions for critical infrastructure to the Enplug platform, making it possible for users to leverage their existing digital signage networks to quickly broadcast critical safety information in times of need.

Enplug is a leading cloud-based digital signage software provider. The company’s digital signage platform makes it easy for virtually anyone to design and deploy engaging signage content. Consequently, Enplug is quickly becoming a favored platform in corporate and retail settings, as well as public and even private spaces. The growing number of Alertus customers who manage their digital signage with the Enplug platform represents a massive network of endpoints that can be used to broadcast information to keep people safe in emergency situations.

For more than 15 years, Alertus has been a leader in emergency mass notification technologies. The Alertus Mass Notification System delivers instant alert capabilities to customers in the higher education, K-12, industrial, corporate, healthcare, government and military sectors. Alertus customers using Enplug to drive their digital signage networks now have the ability to automatically deliver emergency notifications to their entire digital signage networks.

To take advantage of this integration, existing Alertus users simply activate the Emergency Alert App in the Enplug dashboard and copy the URL displayed. The user would then log into their Alertus account and use the provided URL to configure a new Alert Profile. In the event of manmade and/or natural disaster, Alertus notifications are pushed into Enplug’s Emergency Alert App. The alert messages, which include text and images, override default content in the Enplug playlist and instantly appear across a signage network.

Visit to learn more about the company’s integration with the Alertus Mass Notification System, and to learn about its full portfolio of digital signage software solutions.

An Oasis in the Desert

Desert Oasis

The workers’ comp industry remains healthy thanks to a robust job market and sharp underwriting. But headwinds loom on the horizon.

The first question they ask is almost always the same.

“How much comp do you have?” said Jessica Cullen, managing director of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.’s casualty practice, referring to her initial query to clients when sending in a submission for a tougher auto or general liability risk.

“That will make the account more marketable and more attractive to the underwriting community.”

The workers’ compensation line has been that healthy across the national landscape.

Underwriting results have been sharper than any time in 80 years. There’s plenty of competition in the majority of markets.

And most importantly, it remains a profitable business thanks to a robust job market and declining frequency of claims and underlying loss ratios.

Insurers have recorded an “unprecedented” seven straight years of positive financial performance, said Bill Donnell, CEO of the National Council on Compensation Insurance, in May.

The largest commercial insurance market is virtually the only line within property/casualty where rates are not rising. In fact, California, Florida, Oklahoma and Vermont are among the states that recently lowered rates. But still the space remains profitable.

“The workers’ comp line is experiencing an unprecedented run of good fortune over the last at least five years,” said Mark Morneau, senior vice president and general manager, national insurance—East division at Liberty Mutual Insurance. “And it’s really been driven by declining frequency of claims in the industry and generally muted severity.

“Medical inflation still impacts the workers’ comp line, but frequency has outpaced that severity. So it’s been a really strong run, and quite frankly, the line has bolstered the health of the primary P&C market.”

Some wonder how long that run will last.

Headwinds are building on the horizon, such as those falling state rates, a weakening United States economy and rising loss frequency in some pockets.

Full story here

Slidetown Integrates Storytelling for Presentations That Engage


The goal of Slidetown founders Danielle Daly Sabaris and Joni Galvao is to simplify complex messages and create powerful stories that dramatically improve business communications and empower presenters with the tools to engage, influence and persuade their audiences.

“Storytelling is the new marketing,” said Sabaris. “We’re working hard to fight the war between great presentations and those that put people to sleep. Our mission is to bring together experts in storytelling, content development and presentation design to disrupt the way businesspeople communicate and persuade.”

Many organizations face internal issues that hinder their ability to create compelling presentations. Those limitations can involve messaging and design talent, people and time available for project execution, and the stress and pressure experienced by potential presenters.

The Slidetown platform is designed to alleviate these challenges by providing expert, proven resources to deliver key messages quickly and effectively told through stunning, branded presentations. It also offers external capabilities to help meet requirements for high-volume production and timely turnaround.

Sabaris brings deep experience in business strategy and sales effectiveness as well as presentation content and design to the creation of transformative experiences. Prior to co-founding Slidetown, as founder and Content Creator of Rexi Media, she gained over a decade of proficiency in improving the quality of some 10,000 presentations for organizations of all sizes in a broad array of market segments.

Galvao provides a unique blend of business strategy, screenwriting and filmmaking, neurolinguistic programming, storytelling and presentation design. With over 15 years of experience, he has helped executives use emotion in their stories to engage and move their audiences through more than 10,000 presentations for over 1,000 clients. Galvao is a disciple of Robert McKee, storytelling guru to major studios, actors, directors, writers and corporations.

“Presentations are one of the most prevalent media for selling ideas and engaging people in the corporate world. It’s often a one-shot, defining moment,” Galvao noted. “A successful presentation must have a single main idea, a plot connecting the messages, a strong protagonist, a structure that presents the world of the main character, resolution of main conflict, and saving the best for last.”

In today’s fast-paced business environment with multiple distractions competing for attention, the capability to produce top-quality presentations can be a game changer for any organization. Applications are now pervasive and include conferences, meetings, webcasts, webinars, sales opportunities, large events, commercial pitches, investor briefings, training, internal communications and digital marketing.

Visit to learn more.

Kamin Samuel Featured on Success and the Subconscious Mind Podcast

Kamin Samuel is an international Rapid Transformation Coach and Therapist who guides business owners, executives, and coaches in growing their business and changing their lives in rapid time. She has a gift for transforming limiting beliefs and behaviors to help her clients achieve their goals and uplevel the quality of their life.

Kamin was the U.S. Navy’s first female African-American helicopter pilot. She has a background in information technology, web development and online merchandising. Kamin is an award-winning author of the Amazon bestsellers Increase Your Abundance Starting Today and The Wealth Transformation Journal and serves on several boards.

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