2/21/11 Foursquare Closing In On 7 Million Users

Foursquare has just crossed 7,000,000 user IDs, which should mean that the location-based social network will be hitting 7 million registered users in the coming week. As we learned from the Foursquare, user ID numbers don’t quite match up to the network’s actual number of user accounts, but in the past have been correlated as a sign that the network is fast approaching the milestone.

If Foursquare does in fact hit 7 million users in the next week or so, it would show that the startup is continuing to see steady growth, despite recent competition from Facebook’s location product Places. At the end of January, Foursquare announced 6 million users, and it took the location based social network a month and a half to add another million users from 5 million in early December. It should take a little over a month for Foursquare to hit 7 million users.

As Foursquare announced in January, the location based network grew 3400 percent in terms of check-ins and saw a total of 381,576,305 check-ins in 2010. In December, co-founder Dennis Crowley announced that Foursquare is seeing 2 million check-ins per day and adding 25K new users a day. Crowley also said that users split up geographically between 60% US and 40% international, and the average Foursquare user checks in 3-4 times day.

Recently, Foursquare added a photo uploading feature, and hit one million photos shared after three weeks. And the Super Bowl brought a record 200,000 check-ins for single event.

– TechCrunch: Leena Rao

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