08/09/11 Internet Marketing Thrives During Tough Economic Times

In the past, many corporate hotshots scoffed at the idea of Internet marketing and often dismissed it as nothing more than some quint essential cyber fad. With the current economic crisis in overdrive, Internet marketing has never been more crucial, cites Don Halbert, an Internet marketing professional.

According to Don Halbert, professional Internet marketer, there’s never a better time to energize your Internet marketing budget than during a recession.

The question on most business owners minds is, “how can we leverage our current holdings in order to garner new business?”

Internet marketing is easily the single most effective form of marketing on the planet.

Not only does Internet marketing have the broadest reach – but is also the most affordable solution to marketing. With the highest ROI, Internet marketing can save you thousands each year on office space, utilities and wages to name a few. Which is precisely why the savvy business owner would have it no other way.

More often than not, corporations are demanding “measurable results”. In contrast to offline marketing, Internet marketing is 100% measurable.

The point is, when advertising using traditional methods, one can spend thousands upon thousands for a single issue release whereas you’ll have no idea how many people even read your advertisement.

With Internet marketing everything is gauged, including views, demographics, clicks and most importantly…conversions.

With Internet marketing your business benefits from the fact that your advertising market is focused with people who are actively engaged in your target market. Called target marketing, this can substantially affect your conversion rate and in turn…your bank account!

These days, many corporations employ a full-time staff solely for the purposes of social media marketing which is an off-shoot form of Internet marketing.

This may sound a little contradictory but it is none the less factual – Internet marketing thrives during times of recession.

“Personally I am seeing more and more businesses waking up to the fact that if they don’t start taking Internet marketing seriously…they won’t be around very long to tell us the reasons why they naively ignored it.”, said reputable Internet marketing expert Don Halbert.

Furthermore Mr. Halbert went on to add that, “if corporations want ROI then consider this – the ROI of Internet marketing is the fact that you will still exist in 5 years.”

Herein lies a problem…a big problem.

Once business owners get wind of a possible recession approaching, they begin to find ways to cut back their expenses. However the most common, and critical mistake that businesses make is to cut back on their overall marketing expenses because they feel the need to “tighten the belt” by reducing their budget in order to keep their business afloat. In actual fact this couldn’t be further from the truth…it’s actually one of the worst things any business could do.

Most business owners are cut of the same cloth. Therefore, in all likelihood, most of your competitors will also be cutting back on expenses. This is the time for you to break the trend, and seize the bountiful market share that is about to be left on the table by competitors who lack the foresight to know any different.

The businesses that aggressively market during any recession are ALWAYS victorious while their competitors go belly up.

It’s easy to say that people are not spending the money. That’s a scapegoat that failing businesses like to tell their investors to justify low sales figures.

The buyers are there. The money is there. Will you be the one to accept it?

If we only go off shear math alone, Internet marketing is clearly the better choice for your business. Consider there are over 4 billion searches made a day – that’s 2.9 million every minute.

How many people read any particular edition of the newspaper each day?

And to think…traditional advertising mediums are far more expensive than hiring a professional Internet marketer.

So as the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen looms on the horizon, will you choose to ignore Internet marketing?


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