09/09/11 The Importance of a Social Media Strategy

With social media websites becoming more and more popular, many businesses are taking advantage of the opportunities that social media offers in terms of advertising their products and services. The social media sites can give your business a great platform to advertise, introduce new products and also provide opportunity to communicate directly with your customers and clients.

It has always been important for companies to pay heed to their customers for all sorts of feedback and complaints, handling both quickly and efficiently. Before the advent of Internet, it was previously done over the phone through customer service but today it is increasingly done online and it has become an important component of customer service management for many companies.

Having a good social media strategy can really help you to improve your business, as it enables you to keep track of all your customers and develop marketing campaigns for your products and services based on your customers’ needs. It also offers the customers a great opportunity to get involved with products that they really like and feel passionate about, which makes them feel part of the process and increase their satisfaction with your products and your brand.

Listening to the customer has always been important so it is essential that all comments and posts made on the social networking sites are taken seriously, whether they are positive or negative. This means that all the comments and criticism should be shared throughout the different levels of the company in order to adopt the best strategy and plan of action on how to deal with them. This will enable you to analyze the level of customer satisfaction and also learn from any mistakes that you might have made in order to improve the customer service in the future.

It is now important for all companies and small businesses to be able to listen to what their customers are saying on the social network websites and act upon it to improve the customer service experience. This has other benefits for the companies too, as it will enable them to reduce the costs associated with the traditional methods of customer service.

There are currently some companies specializing in social media customer experience management. They can track analyze the online behavior of customers for a company and then advise the company on how best to understand the needs of the customers based on the data. This is done by creating a social profile of the customers and the profile can then be viewed by the different departments in the company in order to establish the best method of adapting their business model to meet the needs of the customers.

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