Mavenlink and Intuit Presenting at 2012 IMA Conference

MavenlinkEffective Workflow Management Brings Results

Nobody excels at multi-tasking like a marketer. On an average day, marketing professionals juggle a variety of projects, contractors, clients and files. And they do this while presenting a professional, coordinated image. With such a complicated set of to-dos, delivered at a faster and faster pace, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to stay on top of their workflow and client communications. Many marketing companies are looking for ways to streamline project delivery. Choosing the correct collaborative applications is a fundamental and imperative step in this process.

In his presentation at the 2012 IMA Conference, Ray Grainger, CEO of Mavenlink, will discuss ways that companies can centralize their project management and service delivery platforms to increase efficiencies. Areas where collaborative platforms can impact the bottom line include:


  • Improved internal and external communication
  • Coordination of a distributed and/or international workforce
  • Increased productivity and reduced overhead
  • Customer-facing professionalism


Participants will come away with an understanding of how online project management applications can be used to effectively and positively impact their business. For more information or to set up an individual meeting, contact Ray at or

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