A Guide to Generating Reader Comments

When you’ve spent a significant amount of time creating (hopefully) interesting content, you’re most likely expecting your readers to comment. Plus, comments can increase your freshness score with search engines. In addition, the number of comments on a page may bring about a difference in page ranking. Regardless, we all love having fresh comments on our pages to encourage community building and reflect user engagement.

Here are some tricks for generating more and more comments to your articles or page:

  1. The first thing to consider is making it as simple as possible for viewers to leave comments. This means you need to have easy ways for viewers to leave a comment, like assuring them that their email address is secure and will not be used for anything other than unique identification. Or you can allow them to log in via Twitter or Facebook.
  2. If your readers must register to comment, you can also allow them do that using social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. You can also use Social Login if you’re looking for all social networks. This practice can generate a lot of benefits for your page, like comments from traceable users as well as an increased chance of your page being shared on social networking sites.
  3. You must always consider giving the comment section a prominent position if you want the conversation to continue for very long. You should also place “Join the Conversation” or “Leave a Comment” at the end of the article.
  4. Do something for your loyal commenters to make them feel important and a part of the community; and thus, generate more comments. Examples are attaching fun titles with each loyal commenter or awarding them badges to encourage your readers to visit your page and leave comments again and again.
  5. Articles with comments always draw more comments. Hence, you need to respond to those comments in your articles. This will show how much you’re interested in your commenters.
  6. Lastly, you should always make a point to track your progress by attaching the Google Analytics goal with a new comment.

You should certainly take advantage of these approaches to generating more comments to your page, article or blog. But, in the end, it is always interesting and compelling content that draws the first response.

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