2012 IMA Conference Showcases Top Experts

Presentations Available for Download

The 2012 Internet Marketing Association Conference in Las Vegas was a smashing success. From main-stage speakers, breakout sessions and Impact Awards celebration to the exhibitor showcase and first-class evening entertainment, we’ve received very positive comments. In addition, IMA announced its own certification, the Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) professional certification program, at the event.

As one attendee put it, “From the initial keynotes to the individual content sessions, we were drinking from a fire hose of marketing goodness. Any digital marketer interested in staying abreast of the latest and greatest should consider membership in IMA and attendance at next year’s conference.”

Here’s a quick look at just a few of the highlights of this landmark gathering:

Ann Lewnes, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Adobe, addressed “From Myths to Metrics: The Truth About Digital Marketing” in an entertaining presentation that included a mock Photoshop commercial called “Fotoshop by Adobe” created by an Adobe fan as an example of a user community helping to awareness.

James Maiocco, Director of Global Partners, Microsoft, offered a keynote titled “Don’t Look Back: Unlock Your Data to Predict Customer Engagement Opportunities” that focused on using predictive data to influence future outcomes.

Brett Keirstead, Vice President of Sales, Knowledge Marketing, struck a similar vein with a cautionary example of how Target used customer data to provide relevant offers to a pregnant lady, who turned out to be a teenage girl whose parents were unaware of her pregnancy.

Jason Warnock, Vice President of Market Intelligence & Measurement, Yesmail, gave a very engaging talk on “Email Deliverability: The What, Why & How” covering everything from pre-flight testing and toxic URLs to blacklisting and mail streams.

Michael Fern, CEO & Co-founder, Intigi, spoke about “Accelerating Your Content Marketing and Boosting Your Search Rankings” with an emphasis on how content and social media affect search engine rankings as well as best practices for a sustainable content marketing strategy that boosts search rankings and website traffic.

Frederick Vallaeys, a 10-year Google veteran who served as Adwords Evangelist, spoke about the details of Google’s advertising platform and Quality Score in a truly fascinating presentation, along with his vision for providing simple tools for small businesses.

Kathleen Connolly, VP, UBM Studios, addressed “How to Choose the Right Interactive Digital Environments to Meet Your Business Objective” and how online events can offer a significant alternative or complement to traditional physical events.

Andy Levey, Senior Manager of New Media and Analytics, Resident Shows Division, Cirque du Soleil, gave a very compelling presentation on identifying local audiences with similar attributes to Cirque du Soleil fans and then targeting them via Facebook.

Mark Stark, CEO, Americana Group, presented how a $500 in-house studio allowed him to produce weekly sales coaching videos for his team for viewing on a weekly basis regardless of where they are located and when they have time to tune in.

Click here to download and view many of the fantastic 2012 IMA Conference presentations.

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