Blogging: The Most Effective Way to Promote Your Website

Off-page search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques you can employ outside your site itself to help gain higher ranking in search engines. Most off-page SEO methods are important, since they help build or generate backlinks for your website. Among those techniques, blogging is one of the most popular and important steps that should not be overlooked.

Blogging is a powerful approach to building website popularity. Blogs not only help you attract traffic to your website, but also draw quality backlinks to it. You can create and host a blog on your website (for example, or You can also create your own blog on free blogging platforms like,,, and, among a host of others.

The best way to attract loyal visitors to your blog is to add new and unique content, including infographics and videos. Writing new content for your blog draws visitors and gives them a reason to visit regularly. You should be as clear, precise and unique as possible to convey your thoughts to your readers. Blogging can also be an excellent medium for initiating conversations with your audience and increasing your visibility.

When you update your blog, search engines will crawl your site and give you a better chance for higher rankings. Featuring and updating a blog regularly will also generate good backlinks to your website. Another important way to increase your backlinks is to be a guest blogger on other respectable sites and write based on a keyword you want to be ranked for in search engines. In addition, submitting your blog RSS to different RSS aggregators will boost your efforts to expand your audience base. Submitting your blog to various blog directories and blog search engines can help in promotion of your blog.

There are varied tools available to encourage your visitors to stay in touch with you in conjunction with your blog such as FaceBook, YouTube and Twitter widgets. Encourage your users to bookmark and share your pages with their friends; there are one-click tools available to assist with this goal. For more ideas on how to popularize your blog, stay in tune with ours and see how we market it.

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