Social Media and Its Importance for Your Website

Social Media and Its Importance for Your Website

With the rise in popularity of social media, it is easier to reach consumers and make your presence felt on search engines. This development now makes a strong social presence for your business or website a necessity. To establish yourself online, you need to work hard, especially when you don’t have a high budget to spend on social media, like bigger brands.

The easiest step to improve your social presence is social sharing, which can earn you a lot of fan following. But earning a strong fan base will not happen by chance. It requires a continuous process of proper planning and execution. But, before you think about social sharing, consider why people would share your content and help you promote your business or website.

Examples of sharing include:

• Sharing something funny

• Sharing important links of value to others

• Endorsing a product, company or service

• Sharing creative designs or concepts

• Sharing content by a known and respected authority

Content that addresses these points generally attracts the most followers. And with each share, you are likely to gain links. Hence, you need to create your content very carefully to make it attractive to your followers. Creating something useful (e.g., a useful guide, creative designs, something provocative) can generate sharing. An important point that you need to consider is that, once you satisfy your followers, you have an increased chance of higher popularity in social media overall.

The way you want people to share your content depends on the design of your website, including how your website can be navigated and its accessibility. A badly designed website can act against you and keep visitors away. If your visitors find it difficult to navigate the pages and content of your website, they are unlikely to share anything.

Once you are done with the design of your website, the next important step is to determine the social platforms on which you are going to share. Sharing content on popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ can help you establish your brand online. Other social sharing platforms include Pinterest, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. You can also place social sharing buttons on your website to let others share your content easily. Placing social sharing buttons on pages that contain shareable content makes it easy for visitors to share. However, placing these buttons on every page of your site is unnecessary and can slow down the site.

There are other ways to help you establish your site socially:

• If you are selling unique products or services that are in high demand, you can easily gain links from people who are talking about them online. You can also advertise your products and services on social platforms and grow your fan following.

• You can create one or more small external websites or microsites that act as a platform for visitors’ interactions or other tools that can be used for entertainment purposes.

Establishing your presence socially can be a great boon for enhancing your brand and drawing links to your website. The concept of reaching out to the world via social web and media is becoming more important with each passing day. Don’t miss out on this important opportunity.