IndieFlix Launches Anti-Bullying Film

IndieFlix has announced the debut of the award-winning, anti-bullying documentary, “Finding Kind,” running through May 24 on the website and on the IndieFlix apps for Xbox and Roku.

The 77-minute documentary, written and directed by filmmakers Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson, addresses female bullying straight on. The film features powerful stories of real girls filmed in the Truth Booth and provides strategies for how to survive being bullied as well as compelling reasons to help stop the bullying epidemic.

In just one year, IndieFlix has enabled “Finding Kind” screenings in over 600 schools and communities around the United States. Schools have shared stories of how much better and compassionate their communities are after seeing the film, and the number of girls who have expressed their gratitude is countless.

“With two daughters of my own, I have made protecting children a priority of mine throughout my career. As attorney general, I appreciate the message of ‘Finding Kind’ and encourage parents and educators to use this documentary as a powerful tool to address this important topic with children. Fundamentally, this is a film that encourages tolerance and promotes kindness, stimulating conversation within families and communities about putting a stop to bullying behavior once and for all.” Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire

“I have been an educator for many years, and I have never witnessed a more transformative assembly.” Janna Jennings, Whitman College

“I just wanted to say, from the perspective of a mother and now grandmother of girls, this is a long time coming. I can still remember the suffering of my teen years from girls being mean. And I have seen my girls go through it with very little I could offer them for relief, as I didn’t have any myself. Women need to be friends and be kind to one another. We should be an asset to one another. It’s universal, of beauty, economic status, or race. BE KIND.” Kathy Beckwith, mother and grandmother

New subscribers to IndieFlix can watch the film free for seven days. Plus, 30% of all subscription fees paid by people who watch the film go to help create Kind Kits for distribution in schools.

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