Added Social Media Brand Value with Effective Event Postings

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Facebook and Twitter are both great, as long as you have someone to create funny and engaging posts on a regular basis. Surveys of Facebook users have shown that most follow brands for one main reason: free stuff. So, when you’re trying to be salesy, or simply talk more about your product or service, your Facebook fans tune out.

During the summer, we worked with brands to convert their Facebook and Twitter followers into Tabeso followers. What were the results? The average follower on Tabeso was worth four times the average value on FB. Why? Because everything you do on Tabeso is centered around things that are generally revenue producing activities.

Whether they are events your company is throwing, or simply events that your company is helping sponsor, you want those events to be well attended. And having those events listed on Tabeso will help drive more traffic than by having them on any other social media platform.

Here are the three simple steps to quadruple the value of your social media audience:

1. List your events on Tabeso

2. Share your events with Tabeso links on FB, Twitter and email blasts

3. Add your events to your website

By Chad Ramos, Co-Founder & CMO, Tabeso

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