Geocaching for Brand Awareness

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Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunting adventure that’s happening right now, all around you. Geocachers use the Geocaching mobile app or a GPS device to seek out hidden containers called geocaches. These containers are placed by the global geocaching community of six million people. There are over two million geocaches hidden around the world, so chances are good there are at least a few near you.

Branded Promotions

A geocaching branded promotion will put your brand in the middle of a community of over
six million adventurers. You’ll engage with highly passionate people who are always looking for a new adventure. Geocaching promotions are all-inclusive marketing programs that generate awareness and ongoing brand building with custom trackables, photo contests, social media, and much more. There is even a Geocaching API available for partners. Each solution is not only tailored to your audience, but also has measurable results.


Geocaching HQ has worked with a variety of brands from Jeep to Geico to create customized marketing programs. Geocaching worked with Doubleday to create a campaign for a new John Grisham book release. For this endeavor 5,000 trackable branded geocoins were released to the geocaching community. In just two months, 500 user generated photos were entered into the Grisham/Geocaching photo contest on Facebook. Doubleday combined geocaching and Facebook to boost sales 23% for the book. In addition, Doubleday gained 72,000 new Facebook fans, a 220% increase in reach, and a 402% increase in PTAT for John Grisham’s book.

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