Top Five Loopholes for SEO Strategies

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Constructing and establishing an SEO strategy can be a tedious and time consuming process, and should encompass proper background research and a solid evaluation of website strength. This may seem antithetical as it leads to delays in fixing problems to improve overall performance. However, there are always some loopholes that can benefit your website with minimal effort.

Here are the top five loopholes:

Always Opt for your Favored Domain
This loophole can really increase your link connections. The world may link to your website by using either a www. or non-www. form of URL, but for search engines they are entirely different pages. Therefore, link values from these can be thinned.

Use Crawl Errors Tool To Check Your Website
Google will not give a high rank to your website if a significant number of pages direct your visitors to an error page. Error pages occur because of bad redirection of URLs, and they tend to lose value for your website. So, use your Google Webmaster Account to check errors on your website.

A Little Exertion Goes a Long Way
Some knowledge on Google Analytics is required for this. You can gain knowledge about it from your Webmaster account as it provides lots of information about your website’s performance. One reason why you may be appearing on the second search page of Google (which leads to very little traffic to your website) is losing out on some highly used search terms. With the help of a little research, you can cover your mistakes and grab missed opportunities. A list of keywords can be created to make your content search engine friendly and increase traffic to your website.

Link Restoration
In the long run, things may change for a website like its look and feel, domain name or page URLs. Overlooked link restoration is important as it may lead to links to dead pages on your website if the URLs are not redirected to new locations. That entails a continuous process of recovering links which were combined or joined to third-party sites in the recent past.

Search Friendly Keyword Escalation
With the increasing competition online, good research on keywords has become an essential part of online marketing strategies. Development and optimization of the most search friendly keyword is a difficult task. However, everyone will not necessarily opt for the obvious search terms, so you can look to long-tailed keywords here. According to an expert, approximately 70-75% of searches are dependent on long-tail keywords which can often be optimized with low competition. People ready to buy and wanting more specific results from their searches tend to use long-tail keywords. You can generate high traffic for your website by being more specific with keywords in your pages, which will help your users find what they were searching for quickly.

A range of tools is available to help you find the sweet spot for your website. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is one such tool that can help you find great keyword ideas for your website along with their competition and the amount of traffic they can generate. Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and SEMrush can also help you with keyword ideas.

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