Creative Techniques for Link Building

The following are some techniques and tips for building quality inbound links for your website.

Make a Strategy for 6-12 Months

A dynamic and growing look is an essential part of a strong link profile. A sudden hike in links back to your website will warn Google and your website can be under inspection and investigation for unethical practices. Always have a strategy for building links so that they are regular and structured, as you cannot control natural links. Always pre-plan your activities to increase your link build-up. Spend a significant amount of time on planning for your link building strategies for 6-12 months. Always keep your activities balanced and varied over time. Plan accordingly for each day, month or week. Be steady in building up your links to appear natural on the web. Long-term plans are good, but for building links never plan for more than a year at a stretch. In the long term, your goals may change so you may find some ideas for link building become non-viable.

Analyze Competitors’ Backlinks

Analyzing your competitors’ backlinks may help you recognize some great new opportunities. And it is very easy to do this. With the help of a backlink analysis tool like Majestic SEO’s Site Explorer, you can identify the pages linked across the Internet to them. You may also come to know their strategies with this research, which can help you plan a better strategy for your industry.

Compile a Dictionary of Industry Terms

This may serve your industry as a profitable resource, as it may gain natural backlinks from other websites which can link and refer to your website. It acts as a magnet for social engagements and social shares. Real value content has a chance to be ranked high for organic research. Any content that fulfills a user’s need is loved by Google. If your dictionary answers questions regarding industry jargon, it may lead to increased organic traffic to your website.

Write “How-To” Guides

Content that is worth creating and is a very good investment of time is “evergreen” content. A good “How-To” guide is a great example of evergreen content. For example: “How to take a screenshot” or “How to make a power point presentation.” People generally love these kinds of guides and often get back to them in the future.

Do Research and Create a Report

No one loves to do hard work. If anyone finds plenty of information in the same place without doing intensive research, then that is what they will prefer reading. Offer a free report on a research project you have done for your industry. Post that report as a blog or PDF file for free download. This report can be a simple fact file. Insert some graphs or charts in your report, write it well and present it in an attractive format.

Create Hype

Create hype about your project before it’s release, if it is a really important project for your website for building links. Make your blog readers or followers curious to know about what is going to happen and increase their curiosity by telling them that this is something that may interest them. Get the word out across all social media and share the links that are redirected to your resource when it goes live.

Out of the box ideas can help you increase your link build-ups. A great shareable resource is key for building great links.

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