Digital Universe Update at IMPACT13

Pervez Delawalla, CEO, Net2ez

IMPACT13 brought together an incredibly talented group of industry leaders who covered a wide range of topics in the Internet space. Net2ez CEO Pervez Delawalla’s presentation, “Digital Universe: Opportunities and Challenges” provided an update and forecast on the dynamic digital universe, highlighting areas of opportunity and potential challenges for the future.

The digital universe is made up of digital TV, voice calls, images, videos, text messaging, financial data and security logs among others. It is predicted that from 2005 to 2020, the digital universe will grow by a factor of 300X.

To better understand this growth, it is important to also understand its geography, past and future. Emerging markets accounted for 20 percent of the digital universe in 2005. By 2020, this number is expected to grow by 62 percent. In 2012, the United States made up 32 percent of the digital universe, followed by Western Europe, China and India. The cost and investment projections for the digital universe provide an interesting paradox. Higher demand will result in a lower cost per gigabyte. From now until 2020, the digital universe is projected to double every two years.

The digital universe presents some opportunities and challenges. One notable opportunity involves growth in big data, including surveillance footage, embedded and medical devices, entertainment, social media and consumer images. However, by 2020, data security and protection will outpace the digital universe and only half the information that needs protection will actually be protected.

Quoting Big Data by Viktor Mayer-Schonberger & Kenneth Cukier, Pervez stated “Data is no longer regarded as static or stale, whose usefulness was finished once the purpose for which it was collected was achieved… Rather, data has become a raw material of business, a vital economic input, used to create a new form of economic value.”

Pervez Delawalla is Net2ez’s CEO, bringing over a decade of unsurpassed network computing knowledge and technology expertise. Offering a rare blend of creative and operational strengths, in his current role, Pervez drives the development and implementation of next generation high-density data center and network infrastructure design. With his vision, Net2ez has experienced phenomenal growth across two bi-coastal markets with five active data center operations.

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