4 Reasons to Stop Outsourcing Content Marketing Efforts in 2014 – ExactTarget Blog

If content marketing isn’t already a top priority, it should be. As most businesses are well aware, personalized, interactive marketing is critical to boosting web traffic and reaching customers. The big question marketers face in 2014 is not whether to include content marketing in their strategy, but whether to outsource or handle it internally.

Outsourcing content marketing has been a popular option in the past, but research shows businesses are bringing their efforts back in house. According to a 2011 Mashable study, 62 percent of companies outsourced marketing efforts to an agency at the time. However, a recent B2B Marketing Report revealed only 1 in 3 companies relied on external firms and freelancers to create content in 2013.

The greatest challenge many B2Bs face as they consider moving efforts in house is a lack of resources? Not having access to the time and talent needed to produce the breadth of content required to gain the competitive edge.

However, many companies will attest to the value of using internal resources and hiring designated, full-time staff members to be responsible for generating compelling, informative content. Take it fromMomentum Telecom (my company) — we recently cut ties with all outside marketing firms and taken the lead on our own successful digital marketing campaign.

Keeping content marketing efforts on-site may be the best decision you make for your marketing strategy in 2014. I’d like to share the top four secrets we’ve learned from first-hand experience.


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