Email Design Basics, Coding, & Data Strategy: The Email Design Toolkit

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Email designers have a unique role—we’re the gatekeepers for worldwide email consumption. With such a great platform to help drive ROI and change the role of email in business, The Design Toolkitis a three-part compilation of email design basics, coding, and data strategy that will help you take your conversions and functionalities to the next level.

To lay a solid design foundation, this new series of reports will help your emails:

  • Look good. In Email Design Basics, take a crash course in the essentials—or affirm you already have a solid framework.
  • Work well. Get a general guide to writing HTML for email in Email Coding Fundamentals.
  • Get results. Data for Designers shares exactly how to take a strategic data-based approach to the way you design, considering both device-based inputs and performance-based inputs.

As you already know, subscribers increasingly prefer to read emails on mobile devices, and that fact must inform your email design decisions. The mobile nature of our society is making this increasingly important, with clear evidence showing in mobile sales and changing user behavior.

In one example, we found that many subscribers interacted with a given brand’s email program over time only in one platform—mobile or desktop, but not both. But when subscribers happened to open that email during their lifecycle on both mobile and desktop, they preferred desktop for clicking. You basically get one open and one click—so what will you use it on?

Email is the perfect platform to pair right-brain creativity with left-brain analytics, so we’ll show you how to flex your natural talents and expertise, learn from human behavior, use data to get results, and make smart decisions for a long-term email design strategy. Pull up a seat for The Design Toolkit—you’ll want to dig into these proven tips and advice from some of our top email experts.



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