Launch of Facebook’s Paper App Proves Content Beats Interactivity in Publishing

The launch of Facebook’s Paper App demonstrates a powerful change in the way we think about online media. It suggests that good content is winning out over interactivity; as long as that content is complemented by fantastic visuals. As consumers of media, we want compelling content that tells us something we didn’t already know, not just occupies our time. I tested this theory out with the new issue of The Marketer’s Quarterly.

Built by marketers for marketers, The Marketer Quarterly is designed to guide marketers through the connected world with an in-depth focus on all aspects of marketing. The issue contains feature interviews with JetBlue, National Geographic and Comedy Central executives. There is a great story on a day-in-the-life of Peggy Dyer, CMO of American Red Cross, highlighting the challenges and strategies of the worlds’ top marketers. The entire magazine is also jam packed with practical columns on how to execute marketing tasks and how to use marketing tools such as video in email, managing big data helpful graphs and data snippets on making any presentation look better, and overall how to look smarter to your boss. There isn’t any interactive content, but it wasn’t needed. The compelling visuals and high quality editorial kept me engaged and informed.

Do you think content wins out over interactivity? Check out The Marketers Quarterly for free here and put my theory to the test.

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