The DOT Report: Six Steps to Better Content


The better the content strategy, the easier your goals will be achieved. Here are seven steps that will help enhance your content strategy.

Objective: First, you want to identify your objectives and purpose for the content you are developing. Think about this briefly; do you want to increase traffic, drive conversions, or maximize your lead generation? There could be other areas like encouraging users to visit specific pages of your website or to get certain products noticed. You need to plan in advance what you want to happen when your audience reads your content. The better you plan, the quicker you will see results.

Competition: Analyze your competition. Theirs no harm in admitting your competition is doing a better job than you. Define what makes there content strategy better than yours.

Visitor perspective: Be objective when looking at your website. Put yourself in your audience’s computer. A simple way to get objective feedback is to ask some of your clients what they. The visitor perspective stands for any size of business, and you constantly need to innovate and be objective.

Channels: Content is broken into two parts, on site, and off site. On site content are the pages that you are adding too, and off site is the content that you will use on external websites. Ask yourself how you can tie content into promotional channels. For example; a video could go onto your YouTube page, and then have a landing page on your website. By doing this you are providing your audience relevant content through a social media channel.

Titles: An easy way of coming up with a content strategy is to use a title approach. Work with colleagues who are going to be working with you on this project and take a day to brainstorm. These titles could be anything from a list of awards on your website, areas you will be working on, pages you are going to be improve or new technologies and influences in your industry. Pushing these titles into a spreadsheet and setup a timeline in which you will execute updates.

Keep in touch with us and let us know what you used for your website!

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