LinkedIn Group Becomes Major Focus for 2014

With over 277 million members, LinkedIn is a major force in social media and a key connector between business professionals. The platform has made major strides in the past couple of years to become the place where business professionals interact and engage with one another.

One of the key initiatives for IMA in 2014 is to focus and grow our LinkedIn group. Within LinkedIn there are more than 1.9 million groups, ranging in size from just a few members to more than 1 million. The tools LinkedIn provides are aimed at increasing interaction and exchange of ideas within these groups.

“We recognize that LinkedIn has become the center of gravity for business professionals to interact with peers and colleagues worldwide,” said IMA Founder and Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz. “In 2014 we are growing our LinkedIn presence and positioning the IMA LinkedIn group as the best place for Internet marketing professionals to collaborate and interact with other professionals.”

Plans for the group include featuring many of the topics that will be covered at IMPACT14, the IMA signature event held annually in Las Vegas. “Our members who are on LinkedIn will be able to interact with the thought leaders the IMA has gathered, well in advance of IMAPCT14,” added Kanatsiz.

IMA has a number of new programs being released in 2014, and the IMA LinkedIn group is a convenient place to keep up to date on these happenings. As a member of the group, you can share your ideas and seek feedback from the IMA community. LinkedIn groups are also an easy and effective place to ask for help from your peers. Have a tough issue to solve? Ask your colleagues from IMA.

It takes only a minute to join, and it will open up a whole new view into IMA. Our mission at IMA is to bring Internet marketing professionals together for the exchange of ideas and to advance the science of marketing on the Internet. Our LinkedIn group is a key place where this interaction is occurring. Join us today!

Click here to join the IMA LinkiedIn group.

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