IMA Webinar Series Debuts

We are pleased to share with you the official rollout of our new webinar series. We have over 150 thought leaders lined up to provide these highly engaging, weekly webinars that will change the world and showcase how IMA leads the industry. Our goal is to provide IMA members with the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Starting June 1, 2014, we’re bringing you the best content from the best thought leaders in contemporary marketing. We kick off the series with Professor Rob Salkowitz of MediaPlant. His firm recently completed work in partnership with Microsoft on the future of marketing.

See the schedule below for more information about this exciting series of speakers and thought leaders.

June 1 – Professor Rob Salkowitz; @MediaPlant
June 15 – Chairman Sinan Kanatsiz; @IMA_Network
July 1 – CEO Tim McMullen; @redpepper
July 15 – Founder & CEO Sebastian Jespersen; #WeAreVertic

Engage and learn in your car, working out or just taking a break by click here.

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