Sharing knowledge with BrightTALK enables better decisions

By Kaitlin Stich, Demand Generation Manager, BrightTALK

2014_07_f4Professionals everywhere are always looking for valuable insights and the opportunity to share knowledge with industry peers and thought leaders. Knowledge sharing is the most dynamic and successful way for business leaders to hear and learn directly from subject matter experts and apply what they learn toward making better, more informed decisions.

BrightTALK’s mission is to empower business leaders and professionals with the knowledge they need to grow and make a difference in their organizations. Through BrightTALK’s platform, professionals gain access to today’s leading thinkers from the most innovative companies. Whether you’re starting a new project, researching products or wanting to stay up to date on your industry, these insights help you drive better outcomes for your business.

Modern B2B marketers use the BrightTALK video and webinar platform to win audiences with engaging content and grow revenue. It is the only video and webinar platform built for marketing, and you can explore why your peers are BrightTALK fans by clicking here.

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