Radius CEO Darian Shirazi – From Impact14 Stage to IMA Podcast and Webinar Series

By Dominick Sirianni, Vice President Interactive Education & Thought Leadership, Internet Marketing Association

There are more than 1,400 marketing technology tools available today compared to just 100 a few years ago. Marketing remains an incredible, yet increasingly complex, arena. Marketers today face an avalanche of change. Data-driven decision making, predictive analytics, marketing automation, content marketing, unified platforms, SEO vs. SEM, Social, Mobile, E-mail…the options are dizzying.

We recently launched a webinar and podcast series to help IMA members navigate these turbulent waters. Our goal is twofold. IMA podcasts are short and frequent. They’re designed to keep our members on the cutting edge of our industry. Topics range from strategies in content marketing to new tools to member news, industry news and events. These five to ten minute updates can be easily consumed in your busy life.

Where the podcasts are broad our webinars are deep. Each on tackles a very specific topic and is presented by an IMA member that’s uniquely qualified to provide insight. So far we’ve covered the future of modern marketing, LinkedIn marketing strategies, storytelling and marketing automation. We just released a webinar to help marketers understand their options when running agencies and being responsible for a company 401k. While few of these topics will apply to all of our members, we’re creating library of content that you can access when you need insight into a specific topic.

We just finished recording a session with IMA member Darian Shirazi, founder of Radius – a company that brings data science to marketing. He shares how members can create smart data-driven campaings from all of the tools and options available to modern marketers.

Radius recently released a guide to marketing intelligence that can power you to stay current and sane. Be looking for this helpful piece of content on both our website and our podcast feed.

You can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. We’re always looking for IMA members who have value they want to share with the rest of the organization. Send your requests and suggestions to podcast@imanetwork.org and have an impact.


Darian Shirazi and Sinan Kanatsiz on stage at IMPACT14, discussing the increasing role of data in delivering powerful marketing campaigns




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