Internet Marketing Association helps MultiLingual Solutions Gain Exposure

By Joseph Campos, Director Strategic Initiatives, MultiLingual Interactive Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of MultiLingual Solutions (MLS), Inc.

MultiLingual Solutions (MLS) was pleased to attend IMA’s Impact 14 Conference in Las Vegas September 24-26, 2014. Laurie Campos, CEO of MultiLingual Solutions, stated that “we at MLS are all very proud to have received the ‘Partner of the Year’ award at IMA’s IMPACT 14 Conference.”

MultiLingual Solutions has worked closely with IMA over the past several years and has provided foreign language services to a number of IMA Partners. “Today, IMA and MLS are truly in a unique position to provide all of its partners great value by providing companies global brand exposurein multiple languages.” Laurie Campos concluded that “MLS’ participation in IMPACT 13 and IMPACT 14 have helped propel our company to a whole new level.

As global e-commerce continues its dramatic and explosive growth trajectory we are excited about helping our clients grow their international market share and be able to take full advantage of this global trend.”

MultiLingual Solutions ( provides customized linguistic, cultural and technical support to advance clients’ cross-cultural communications and operational objectives. Drawing on our extensive global resources, MLS offers services in over 100 languages and dialects to leading corporate, government and non-profit organizations worldwide. MLS’ Business Solutions division provides targeted communications support which allows organizations to expand and enhance relationships with multicultural consumers, partners and employees. MLS’ end-to-end solutions are carefully aligned to client objectives, resulting in the most effective interactions with global audiences. Lastly, with respect to website localization and localizing on-line content, MLS ensures linguistically and culturally accurate translation, appropriateness of graphics and color schemes, as well the proper display of numbers, characters and symbols.


Laurie Campos-Sandler, CEO, MultiLingual Solutions (MLS), next to The Honorable Alden McLaughlin, Premier of the Cayman Islands, at the MLS exhibit booth during IMA’s IMPACT 14 Conference in Las Vegas on September 25, 2014.


Shane Reppert, Vice President, Multilingual Solutions, presenting at IMPACT 14 at a session titled “Multilingual Communications as a part of a Global Marketing Strategy.”

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