Website Analytics – You can’t improve what you don’t measure

 With the advancement of technology, marketing tactics evolve with changing strategies and methodology for message optimization. Yet today, one of the greatest marketing tactics is grossly underutilized.

When advertising was nascent with the development of Television, audience demographics and segmentation were generally indecipherable. Marketing was a guessing-game with immeasurable sales results.   

With the emergence of the Internet, marketing was abruptly improved. Suddenly, marketers had access to a plethora of user data; gender, location, interests, and even desired products with modern analytics. Needless to say, this data is immeasurably valuable for website sales conversions – if utilized properly.

However, many businesses have not fully implemented analytic tools – and are falling behind. Without proper analytic tracking, marketing efforts are unfruitful, with enormous inefficiency that could be easily avoided. 

Analytics track user behavior – from responses to icon colors and shapes, to user experience, to product messaging, marketers can now understand and influence customer behavior online.

David Yoakum, a Senior Consultant in Adobe consulting says, “A successful Web analytics team influences the entire organization to become data-driven and provides measureable optimization opportunities.”

By utilizing analytics, marketers can execute efficient A/B testing; a form of statistical hypothesis testing used in marketing and business intelligence. With implemented analytics, A/B testing can identify changes to web pages that increase or maximize an outcome of interest. This in turn creates successful campaigns with increased conversions.

Accessing analytic data is an available resource for all businesses with a myriad of options, from a preliminary install of Google analytics to your website, to a optimized investigation from a marketing firm. Don’t miss out on the abundant and available data from your website – it can easily turn today’s passive website browser into your confirmed customer.