The necessity of mobile friendly content

During the preliminary years of Internet consumption, mobile phones offered sub-par internet browsing due to many corporations ignoring mobile compatibility for their website. What once was a minor oversight, is now a massive roadblock – the days of discounting mobile-responsive design are over.    

In recent years, with the rife utilization of smartphones, the importance of mobile-friendly content cannot be underestimated. Between 2009 and 2010, mobile internet usage tripled, increasing exponentially by a factor of 26 by 2015.

Mobile usage is the fastest growing sector of online consumption, necessitating increased attention for effective marketing.

A recent survey conducted by Pew found consumers browsed ‘predominantly’ with their mobile devices, rather than traditional laptops or desktops. The study found 75% of consumers prefer a mobile-friendly platform, further exposing the necessity of accessible and effectual mobile browsing.

In case you’re not convinced, Google penalizes sites without mobile-friendly optimization, ranking them lower in search results than competitors with functioning responsive design.

Mobile development is not limited to websites; mediums like apps have become a burgeoning tool of online marketing. Currently, 64% of mobile usage is attributable to application usage, with mounting trends. Likewise, video consumption constitutes 55.8% of mobile traffic, offering another route to market your product through non-traditional channels.

Don’t ignore the nascent sector of smartphone users – by optimizing your site and content for mobile, you can capture the attention of consumers who are just a few finger-taps away.