How IMA members use (Big) Data in Making Business Decisions

By Patrick Boulard, COO and Head of IMA Research Lab, Internet Marketing Association

In response to our membership survey prior to IMPACT14, IMA members expressed concern about their ability to “leverage data” in productive ways in 2015. We follow up on that topic in our subsequent survey, and sought to clarify why and how IMA members use data in making decision making.

Here are some of the key findings from the full report:

  • 42% reported using data analysis for decision support, but over 36% also reported giving equal weight to intuition/experience
  • Over 80% use data today more than they did in the past, mostly for big decisions
  • Overall, data is still poorly organized or structured and therefore not as useful as it could be
  • Microsoft Excel is still by far the most used data analysis tool for our members
  • Most enterprise-grade analytics solutions are found to be both too complex and too costly to implement

Click here for the full report.

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