The Power of Experience Marketing

By Paolo Zeppa, Senior Vice President Strategy & Planning, George P. Johnson

Experience marketing is about building a personalized connection between your brand and your customers and prospects. Where event marketing may be limited to the transfer of information and lead capture, experience marketing is an ongoing strategic and social-based engagement with your attendees. Through physical and digital elements, experience marketing allows you to move your audience through a personalized journey, capturing specific interests and remembering overall that you are selling to an emotional, social human being. Put simply, it creates actionable brand affinity.


It’s no surprise that experiential budgets are increasing. Experience marketing is highly effective, drives revenue, and produces unique, actionable data, the new Holy Grail of marketing.

So how do you get started? First, find a good partner.

What to look for in an experience marketing agency:

  • Relationships: The best agency/client relationships last decades, not quarters.
  • Big Ideas: Get to know the creative teams. Look at the work. Does it inspire you?
  • Ability to Deliver: Do they have the strategy, creative, content, fabrication and execution teams to deliver flawless experiences?
  • Data Driven Marketing Capabilities: What insights and measurements are being captured?
  • Price Point and ROI: Value can and should be measured by results.

George P. Johnson has been helping our clients push the envelope when it comes to producing creative, high impact events for over one hundred years. We combine a deep bench of talent with the most flexible and data-driven tools in the industry to deliver a modern experience that’s uniquely powerful each and every time.