Internet Marketing Trends for 2015 – Part 1


Moving forward – Unexpected trends in Internet Marketing 

The IMA Research Lab was introduced during IMPACT14 last month in Las Vegas. The Lab was created around IMA’s central mission to provide value to our members through leading-edge perspectives on current and emerging Internet marketing trends, best practices and related technology solutions. 

Immediately prior to IMPACT14, we published an introductory survey designed to identify some of the key areas of concern for our membership. Interestingly, your feedback ahead of the conference closely mirrored some of the key topics our keynote speakers and breakout session presenters chose to focus on. 

With the conference behind us, our focus has now turned to the season ahead, and the opportunities that lie before us in 2015 and beyond. The answers you provided in this initial survey are summarized below, and should reinforce for you some of the key topics discussed during IMPACT14.

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