The Evolution of the Modern Marketer: Smarter, Faster Decisions that drive the bottom line

2015_01-f9By Jeanniey Mullen, Vice President of Marketing, NOOK by Barnes and Noble

NOOK has partnered with ThinkVine on this white-paper

We live in a highly connected world where real‐time access to news, data, and information has transformed the way both people and businesses make decisions. More and more businesses are adopting technology to harness both the amazing amount of data available as well as to automate the execution of processes previously done manually. Marketing is no exception to this. With real-time bidding systems, ad exchanges, and “big data” projects, just to name a few, the focus of the marketer’s job is blurring with that of the CIO. With all this data, the risks remain high in what Eric Schmidt, then CEO at Google, termed the “last bastion of unaccountable spending.” And, the biggest risk is maintaining a focus on the consumer, while developing habits and adopting the appropriate technology to keep pace with a fast changing marketplace.

There are four keys to driving increased results with the same or less of a budget than your previous year and/or your competitors. These four key initiatives include the following:

  • Reducing Risk is Key
  • Take a customer driven approach
  • Focus on smart data not just big data
  • Don’t just react- forecast

For more details on each of these four key to increasing success, please enjoy this full whitepaper, complements of ThinkVine, in partnership with NOOK.

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