TV as Advertising Channel in 2015

2015_01_f1bBy Patrick Boulard
COO and Head of the IMA Research Lab
Internet Marketing Association

At a time when Television seems to be under constant attack from streaming services such as Netflix and Apple TV, questions are being raised about the current and future validity of Television as an advertising channel.

It is undeniable that Television in a traditional sense is being challenged in very fundamental ways. The ever progressing move to on-demand services is putting a lot of pressure on traditional fixed-schedule content.

Despite those challenges, in much of the country, traditional Television content continues to enjoy steady if not increased popularity, somewhat against seemingly prevailing trends.

Assuming viewership is not actually decreasing despite trends toward on-demand and streaming services, then one could assume Television would remain a force to reckon with as an advertising channel. And even if a move to full on-demand content and away from traditional Television were to materialize on a global scale, would that necessarily signify the end of Television as a credible marketing medium? Likely not.

In light of that, we decided to survey our members on their current use of Television as an advertising channel, and whether or not they plan on changing their usage pattern in 2015.

In light of the above, their answers may surprise you.

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