The Power of Video: The Unsung Hero of Marketing

Video MarketingVideo is the most powerful tool available to marketers today. If you aren’t prioritizing video marketing within your portfolio, then you’re missing a big opportunity.

I’ll let you in on an industry secret; by using the word ‘video’ in the subject of your next email campaign, you can boost your open rate by as much as 27.6 percent – but video’s effectiveness reach far beyond the realm of your customer’s inbox.

Today’s consumers are highly connected, easily distracted socialites who understand when a company is force-feeding a product or message down their throats. Effective videos can circumvent strained advertising tactics, allowing companies to create genuine connections with consumers. How, you ask?

First, video is persuasive.

The human brain requires emotions to make decisions. In the technology realm, video is the trump card for emotional response.

Video satisfies the brain’s visual and auditory systems, by utilizing body language, facial expressions, imagery and music. Combined with effective messaging, video can elicit an emotional response, which will influence a consumers subsequent choices and actions.

In fact, studies show over 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

Second, video augments SEO success.

Search engines are looking for results of engaging content to determine a ranking.

According to Forrester research, the presence of video on a web page makes it 53x more likely to appear on the first page of Google, magnifying its potential for views.

Video pages send strong “Indicators of Relevance” to search engines, which boosts the search rank of your content. Some of those tangible benefits for SEO include:

  • Doubled Time-On-Page
  • 3x More Natural Inbound Links
  • 200-300% More Unique Monthly Site Visits
  • 41% Higher Click-Through Rates From Search

Third, video combined with email marketing equates results.

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics available due to its proven engagement with target customers. By adding video to your emails, however, click-through rates can increase by 200-300%, ensuring that your email campaigns get the highest ROI possible.

Finally, video is a huge organic boost to social interaction and reach.

As we noted in a recent article, Facebook has surpassed Youtube as the leader in monthly desktop video views. This is in direct correlation with Facebook’s move to allow video to autoplay in the newsfeed and receive 30% greater organic reach if you upload that content directly to Facebook.

The powerful effects of video are attainable. In today’s high-tech society, effective and engaging videos can be produced cheaply and easily, thanks to a healthy population of talented professionals. Don’t miss out on this effectual and influential medium.  By creating a video, you empower consumers to tag, retweet, repost, pin or re-blog your content, putting your company on the fast-track to virality.




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