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Frank Luntz (@FrankLuntz) CEO of Luntz Global is also a contributor for both Fox News and CBS. An expert in communication strategy, TIME Magazine wrote, “If words are a weapon, Frank Luntz is a Samurai.” In this podcast (click above to listen), Frank shares his candid perspective on social media and communication in digital marketing and politics.


Luntz Global has advised corporations and organizations in virtually every major industry from Citigroup to Coca Cola to FedEx to the U.S. Navy. Using focus groups to tap into the pulse of the public, even President Barack Obama confirms Frank Luntz’s authority when he said, “When Frank Luntz invites you to talk to his focus group, you talk to his focus group.”


“If social media teaches us anything it’s that [if you] can keep their head, you’ll be a success….Figure out what needs to be done and play your game, not theirs.”


Frank Luntz has been called “the maestro of messaging.” He shares the good, the bad, and the ugly of social media citing specific examples from his illustrious career.

Too often people make large mistakes by looking at the world through their own perspective and not considering other viewpoints. Frank demonstrates how using words and stories via different mediums can have amazing impacts but only if you do your homework. And be forewarned, what you say and write will often times be twisted and used against you, so choose your words wisely.

Frank also answers the question of “What have the Republicans learned about the two effective national campaigns of Obama?” Frank shares his candid opinion plus his advice on how to make up lost ground using digital marketing. 

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