Everything You Need To Know About Tweetdeck Teams

With the latest update from TweetDeck, sharing Twitter accounts just got a whole lot easier. Aptly called TweetDeck Teams, the feature allows an administrator to designate a team of people to manage an account, without sharing the password.

As a team contributor, many of the standard TweetDeck options are still available.  You will be able to tweet from and act as the account, build lists, follow or unfollow, as well as schedule Tweets. As a contributor, however, other team members will not be visible, nor will you be able to add or delete other users. Contributors can also only act as the account from TweetDeck, which means they won’t be able to access it from a mobile device, adding greater security and protection from hacks.

This update is particularly helpful for larger companies by managing access to group Twitter accounts without giving all of its employees the password. If the Team needs to be altered, an administrator can remove them from the TweetDeck Team, blocking their ability to post from the company account. This eliminates the pain of changing and relearning a new password with every single personnel change.

Moreover, the upgrade mitigates the risk of online hacks to the account, by limiting the password exposure. If an attacker manages to get a contributor’s password, the administrator can easily block that user, and stop the hijack.

As social media tools for businesses evolve, increased security, such as TweetDeck Teams, is undoubtedly a wise choice to protect your company’s brand.



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