Sen. John McCain talks cyber security at Microsemi’s Phoenix facility

John-McCain-MicrosemiIn the midst of ongoing turbulence overseas, the importance of trusted security resources stateside has never been greater. 

This week, Senator John McCain, currently chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, visited one such company, Microsemi, to address the criticality to provide products for U.S. defense and government programs.  Microsemi manufactures semiconductor and system solutions for the communications, defense & security, aerospace and industrial markets.  They are one of a few companies to deliver Trusted Integrated Circuit solutions, which are permitted and sanctioned by the Department of Defense (DOD). 

 During Senator McCain’s visit, he expressed the importance of security protection amidst numerous foreign threats, stating, “[Microsemi] is doing important work to strengthen the defense and cyber security industries, which are vital for the security of our nation during these complex and turbulent times.” 

As concerns intensify with growing foreign terrorist groups, such as ISIS and Al Qaeda, the reliability and security of American resources is indispensable. We applaud corporations, such as Microsemi, for their resolve and determination to provide safety for the United States, both at home, and abroad.

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