015: Darian Shirazi | Driving Sales with Data Integration


Darian Shirazi | Founder & CEO | RadiusDarian Shirazi (@darian314) is today’s guest on IMA Leader. [To watch and hear Part 2 including a webinar go here].

The founder and CEO of Radius, Inc., Darian was an intern at Facebook at the age of 17. Working at Facebook in the early stages, combined with an interested in both technology and sales, served as the perfect incubator and foundation for what would become Radius – a software company using the power of social media to provide clients insight into their customer data with crystal-ball like results. 


Radius (@radius) works with clients as elite as American Express and as local as the corner insurance agency to uncover customer secrets locked within their data. Radius clients are able to, within four hours of signing up, get information which gives them the greatest return on their investment. Their services allows companies to apply additional resources efficiently as more effort is given to leads with the greatest potential of converting.


“The best solutions are going to give you results and learnings during your trial. You should be able to see results in your trial from the company you are looking to work with.”


This podcast episode is Part 1 with Darian. To hear Part 2 including a webinar presentation visit 017: Darian Shirazi: The Quantified Marketer.


The PowerPoint Darian presented can be found here.
Visit Radius for a free trail of their software at www.radius.com.
Get your copy of The Quantified Marketer manual.

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