025: David Rich: Finding Important Trends and Signals to Guide Your Marketing

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Senior Vice President of Client Services for George P. Johnson Experience Marketing (@GPJExpMktg) David Rich (@richexpmarkting) has over 15 years experience with the company. He was our podcast guest in episode 023 and is back now for a more in-depth webinar!


The company’s founder and namesake started one of the first modern event marketing companies by helping Henry Ford drive traffic to the first auto shows. Recently, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing celebrated 100 years in business and has the unique distinction of having worked with Chrysler for over 70 years. It is going on its second century in the event marketing business putting it in league with brands like Ford, Coca-Cola, Levis, and Heinz. Some of its clients have included Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Infinity, IBM, Cisco, Proctor & Gamble, Under Armor, Pepsi, and more.

The Story

When he visited us last time, David told two of the best stories we’ve heard. The first was about this history of the company he works for which is George P. Johnson Experience Marketing. The company is 100 years old and got its start helping Henry Ford drive traffic to the very first auto shows.

David also told us the story of how his career has gone from theatrical magician to crooked gambling to modern marketer. You have to hear this story to believe it. If you haven’t already listened.

Today David talks to us about the trends and signals that are so important for marketers to recognize. If you don’t know the difference between the two, don’t worry. David explains. He continues the conversations we’ve been having on IMA Leader about how the cultural evolution is impacting our roles as marketers. What is FOMO? How can we leverage the TEDx phenomenon? How can we learn from case studies of greats like Pepsi, Upworthy, and Pixar? David’s insights help us know what to watch out for.

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