IMA Gathering at CNN Headquarters with Oracle Marketing Cloud

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What does the future of television and digital media look like today? Just ask John Duber, director of “New Day” (morning show), who gave us an all access experience at CNN in New York, on a beautiful sunny day. Beyond set tours, we met with several of the anchors who power the daily news shows we all watch on Television.

Special guest, Michal Shapira Sperling, SVP, Head of Integrated Marketing at CNN Global presented to us about her daily role on brand, content, analytics and digital across the various divisions of the company. The analytics CNN uses to predict news impact uses several funnels from social, A/B testing and on demand feedback from viewers.

In partnership with Oracle Corporation, the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), gathered 20+ CMOs from companies including Sony, Ernst & Young, Barnes & Noble, NYSE, Chanel, Alex & Ani, Thompson Reuters, New York Life, Mercedes Benz, Samsung, NRG and Sotheby’s to name a few.
Defining the future of Internet Marketing is a shared passion by these accomplished leaders on the East Coast.

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