023: David Rich: From Magic to Marketing

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David Rich (@richexpmarkting) is the Senior Vice President of Client Services for George P. Johnson Experience Marketing (@GPJExpMktg). He has over 15 years experience with the company and some unique pre-GPJ experience in theatrical magic and even crooked gambling. Listen to the podcast above to get the details!


The company’s founder and namesake started one of the first modern event marketing companies by helping Henry Ford drive traffic to the first auto shows. Recently, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing celebrated 100 years in business and has the unique distinction of having worked with Chrysler for over 70 years. It is going on its second century in the event marketing business putting it in league with brands like Ford, Coca-Cola, Levis, and Heinz. Some of its clients have included Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Infinity, IBM, Cisco, Proctor & Gamble, Under Armor, Pepsi, and more.


“Authenticity is one of the cornerstones of successful marketing.”


David Rich shares his early exposure to theatrical magic. As a performer and student, he noticed that in the hands of some people tricks looked like pure magic; in the hands of others it looked like foolish men playing with toys. What’s the difference? It’s more than talent. Everyone uses the same tools under the same laws of physics. What sets professionals apart from amateurs are particular approaches and skills that are cultivated in a way to coax the viewer to suspend their concept of reality to the extent that they believe what they are seeing is accomplished by supernatural powers.

This correlates with success in marketing. How can we purposefully engineer experience — in an honest and ethical way — to change peoples’ experience and behaviors?

David shares projections for what companies are going to need to do differently and what excites him about the coming 1-5 years.

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