The Modern Event is Now a Strategic Marketing Experience


By Scott Kellner, Vice President of Marketing at George P. Johnson (GPJ)

A well-lived life isn’t about what you buy/own, it’s about the experiences you have. Creating a great experience that builds emotional bonds for clients and accelerates ROI is not only achievable, it’s essential in today’s marketing landscape.

The days of talking heads and one-size-fits-all programming are gone. The modern business marketing event is a finely balanced orchestration of discovery, learning, engagement and fun all packed up into a sophisticated, data-driven audience journey which is informed by unique customer and prospect data…or is it?

It CAN be, and recent studies have shown it’s worth the investment. It requires a shift in thinking; from “event” marketing to “experience” marketing; building a personalized connection and relationship between your brand and products with your customers and prospects.

To discover the pillars of a modern, smart, engaging brand experience, download our free white paper, “The Modern Event is Now a Strategic Marketing Experience.” | George P. Johnson is the world’s leading experiential marketing agency. We create innovative live, mobile and online experiences that motivate audiences and activate brands. We’re part of Project: WorldWide, an independent, global network of complementary, wholly-owned agencies. Project: WorldWide agencies include: George P. Johnson, Partners + Napier, ARGONAUT, Motive, JUXT, Spinifex Group, G7 Entertainment Marketing, School, Raumtechnik, Shoptology and Pitch. To learn more, visit

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