Mass Media Success – An American Company Gains the Spotlight Through Sustainability


By Julieun Kawasaki, Director of Marketing, Command Packaging

As the demand for more sustainable packaging solutions grow, Command Packaging, a North American manufacturer, gains the media’s attention through a closed loop, plastic waste reduction solution that goes beyond just recycling. In spite of the economic downturn and flying in the face of the movement to ban plastic bags, Command Packaging has become a positive example for the media in their demonstration to the world that, if properly engineered, a continuous loop of plastic film and bag recycling program could be profitable and sustainable. Command Packaging’s unique process eliminates millions of agricultural plastic waste into a reusable bag solution that bridges the gap between the demands for consumer convenience, retailer cost containment, protecting American manufacturing jobs and addressing environmental concerns.

The journey first starts on Friday, January 28, 2014, with Peter Grande, CEO of Command Packaging, and three prominent California legislators; Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), Senator Kevin de Leόn (D-Los Angeles), and Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Huntington Park/Long Beach) in a press conference at Command Packaging to introduce the California state bill that encourages reduction in plastic waste while protecting US manufacturing jobs. Environmental groups like Californian’s Against Waste, Heal the Bay, and The Surfrider Foundation supported the legislation which was covered by major media outlets including NBC, KTLA, KCAL, ABC, and CBS.


Senator Alex Padilla, Senator Kevin de Leόn, and Senator Ricardo Lara stand behind Peter Grande as he addresses the media about the California State Bill


NBC News interview Peter Grande, CEO, of Command Packaging as he holds up smarterbags reusable bag solution made from recycled agriculture plastic (right image above).

Beyond the environmental benefits, Command Packaging promotes the economic advantages for Americans. This continuous-loop solution, made possible with the creation of their Encore Recycling center, is adding hundreds of green jobs to support the recycling, resin production, distribution and reusable bag manufacturing. In addition to new green manufacturing job creation, farmers are seeing more profits from the reduction in disposal costs. Channel 5 KION News, the local news station out of the Monterey/Salinas California area picked up on Command’s story and interviewed Pacific Gold Farms in California, capturing the farmer’s perspective on how Command Packaging’s Encore Recycling program has saved their farm at least $50,000 a year from landfill fees associated with disposing of the agricultural plastic waste. Taking a step further, the news group independently sought out Mayor Gunter of Salinas to tell his perspective on how the job creation has helped his local area. The news feature ends with a spotlight on smarterbags, the reusable bag product made exclusively with the recycled agricultural plastic, showcased as a benefit to the environment and our economy.

With so many positive touch points, the media has been quick to report on Command’s story that satisfies the environmental community, the political interest, and the social responsibility of an American company. More recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency also took notice and recognized Command Packaging’s efforts with the national US EPA Waste Wise Award.

Command Packaging’s smarterbags reusable bag solution represents the millions of pounds of diverted plastic waste, making it truly the most sustainable walking billboard for businesses.


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