CMOs Face a Major Dilemma

2015_03_f8By Amanda Batista, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Marketers are tasked to navigate the challenges of providing a consistent customer experience, which calls for personalized messaging across channels, and even in store. For many marketing organizations, accepting this “lack of control” is the first step toward ensuring they can get in touch with their customers’ needs.

We need to connect the dots of our customers’ experiences in ways that are meaningful to them. As customers move across paid, earned and owned media, they typically are treated in a first-time-interaction fashion, receiving random promotions, messages and content that doesn’t map to their interests.

Moreover, the marketing ecosystem has grown rapidly. With the proliferation of SaaS and web-based marketing services, it’s easier than ever to turn on new technology to power your customer experience.

As marketing teams are handed down the next revenue or growth goal, they lean on these fragmented systems and bombard customers with irrelevant messages, promotions, and ads across all the channels in which their customers interact. But marketers lack a centralized place to create, manage, and orchestrate customer experiences.

Here at the Oracle Marketing Cloud, we’re focused on helping marketers power more seamless, meaningful experiences, whether they interact across mobile, web, social, or any of the other channels you’re investing in. It’s time to engage customers more intelligently, and really think beyond the transaction.

Check out our latest infographic, “CMOs Face a Major Dilemma”, and find out how your marketing organization can take steps to simplify their activities and unify resources to maximize their customer experiences.

Click here for an infographic.

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