028: The CMO Solution Guide with Julie Lyle and Steve Olenski

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JulieJulie Lyle (@julielyle): Chairman of the Board of Global Retail Marketing Association. Prior to her current role, Julie has been the CMO for hhgregg, Prudential Corporation Asia and Pamida Stores, and the Senior VP of Marketing at Walmart. Last November, Julie was recognized by the CMO Club as the CMO of the Year for Innovation.


steveSteve Olenski (@steveolenski): Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Senior Content Strategist. He is a regular contributor to Forbes, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and many others covering all topics in the world of marketing, advertising, and branding. 


Oracle’s CMO Solution Guide

Recently, Oracle and the CMO Club jointly published an incredible guide for marketers. Steve Olenski was the co-author of that guide and Julie was one of its major contributors in addition to interviewing over 110 CMOs on a range of topics. The guide covers the growing need for the CMO and CIO/CTO to work hand in hand and increase their technical savvy.

A full copy of the guide can be downloaded here and it makes a great companion while you’re listening to the podcast interview. 


“Technology enables us to monitor how customers respond to the experience we offer at each touch point.”– Julie Lyle

“There is no end game. It’s a continual loop in the path to purchase.” – Steve Olenski


Julie, Steve, and Dominick look at the relationship between the CMO and CTO and the importance of understanding the customer experience. Challenges CMOs face include the onslaught of new technology and an ever-increasing customer expectation for a seamless experience. They also discuss the collaboration efforts that went into creating Oracle’s CMO Solution Guide.

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