027: Jeff Marcoux CMO-Lead of Microsoft | Achieving Ultimate Customer Experience



Jeff Marcoux (@jeffmarcoux) is the CMO-Lead at Microsoft, the Chairman of the Northwest IMA out of Seattle, and a Marketing Professor at UC Irvine’s Extension Program. At Microsoft, he has driven cross product and team collaboration, supported multiple product releases, bringing new products to market, innovative content strategies, channel development, and acquisition integration work.


Microsoft (@Microsoft) is a multinational technology company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 with headquarters in Redmond, Washington that employees over 128,000 and was named as the 4th most valuable brand in the world in 2014. It develops, manufactures, licenses, sells, and supports for its computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. 


“89% of consumers and 66% of business customers would switch brands after a single bad experience.” — Jeff Marcoux

“79% of consumers and 95% of business customers are going to talk about their bad experience.” — Jeff Marcoux 


In this episode Dominick talks again with Jeff Marcoux. They start out discussing the inaugural launch event of the Northwest IMA chapter. Exciting stuff!

Jeff then shares his insights into achieving the ultimate customer experience through some fascinating technologies in the works. He and his colleagues at Microsoft are looking at how to take virtual reality a step further and blend digital and virtual space together. He challenges listeners to seek to engage consumers in their homes and make your brand come to life in a way that people have never really experienced before. He also discusses Microsoft Band and how consumers are using it to control their work to life balance seamlessly and fluidly. 

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Interviews Mentioned:

Episode 020 where Jeff first introduced himself.  [LINK coming soon]

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