029: Alexander Gray | Leveraging the IMA as CEO of a multinational real estate investment firm



Alexander Gray  is an entrepreneur who started at age 21 with a martial arts studio and parlayed one success into another. Today he is founder and CEO of SkyLight Global, a multinational real estate investment and internet marketing firm. He is also the chairman of the Canadian arm of the IMA.


SkyLight Global’s foundation is in marketing. Eight years in the making, they deal with discounted real estate investments, online marketing services, marketing products, business consulting, and more.


“Being a great marketer allows you to have great entrepreneurship and great entrepreneurial vision and confidence to move forward to try new things because the basis of a lot of what’s out there has to do with marketing.” – Alexander Gray


Host Dominick Sirianni sits down with Alexander Gray who describes how he got started back in 1999 — when websites were nothing like they are today! Marketing offline was far more important at the time, but he recognized the opportunity to leverage all things digital and soon had a burgeoning new business in internet marketing.

As his company grew, the IMA acted as a further catalyst to help propel him professionally. Now, as the chairman of the IMA’s Canadian chapter, Alex’s goal is to plan the largest marketing event in Canada. Listen for the unique offline way he drummed up early attendance at his events held in Microsoft stores that prompted Dominick to dub him a true “marketer’s marketer.” And if you are in Canada, he welcomes you to reach out!

Alex also discusses his and the IMA’s work with the Cayman Islands (swimming with sting rays, anyone?) and the upcoming annual event at IMA’s Impact 15 in Las Vegas this September which will incorporate new technologies and surely outdo its already high standards of previous years.

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