030: Rand Fishkin Founder of Moz on Turning Failures into Successes

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Rand Fishkin (@randfish) is the self-dubbed “Wizard of Moz.” An apt name, in 2004 he co-founded what is, today, one of the marketing world’s fastest growing software companies, Moz. From 2007-2014 he served as CEO but decided to take the role of individual contributor so he could focus on what he loves most: internal and external product development and marketing. 


Based in Seattle, Moz serves professional marketers around the globe with analytics and recommendations to improve their web traffic and customer acquisition through inbound channels such as SEO, social media, content marketing, and more. 


“One of the things that we made a mistake with over time was basically just saying we’re going to have a single subscription that’s $99/month and we’re going to throw everything and the kitchen sink in there. I really wish that I had that whole experience to do over again.” – Rand Fishkin 


Rand Fishkin has journeyed from founder to CEO and now is a lead individual contributor of one of the fastest growing internet marketing related companies in the last five years. He candidly shares his thoughts on learning from failures and knowing yourself well enough to make a change when needed, even if that means to hand over the reigns. 

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