026: Twitter Talk with Christoph Trappe & Downtown Las Vegas with Dylan Jorgensen

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christoph-trappeChristoph Trappe (@CTrappe) is Director of Content Marketing with MedTouch and sits on the IMA’s Executive International Council with representatives from brands like Nokia, Oracle, and Google. A master story-teller, Christoph was named as a 2014 Top 100 Most Influential Content Marketers.


dylanDylan Jorgensen (@dylanjorgensen) is a former Collision Scientist with Tony Hseih’s (the CEO of Zappos) Downtown Project in Las Vegas. He then started a podcast that is now a successful TV show that focuses on that vibrant community in downtown Vegas (@downtownpodcast).



MedTouch is an online strategy and technology partner with the best brands in healthcare. Founded in 2004, their solutions help clients acquire patients and members, provide successful user experiences, and leverage dynamic, responsive, and personalized service in real-time.

The Downtown Podcast describes itself as “what you would get if TED produced a talk show.” Their goal is to fuse TED caliber guests and conversations into a fun late night talk show format filmed in front of a live studio audience in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas. What started as a community project has been producing a weekly event and online content for over two years. The show totals over 100 episodes and 1000 volunteer hours.


“On Twitter you have to continue to connect with people…Live tweet your own presentations.” — Christoph Trappe


Christoph Trappe shares some expert advice on using Twitter to grow and engage your audience. Just a few of the insights include: connect, follow, share, tweet often (at least one a day and even up to every 30 minutes), respond, thank people for mentions, retweet no matter how many followers someone has, and couple your offline efforts to further strengthen connections made online. Try to focus on sharing things your audience would be interested in. Listen to full interview for more top tricks like: a special t-shirt, live tweeting during presentations, and more!

Dylan Jorgensen shares how he worked with the CEO of Zappos Tony Hseih to revitalize downtown Las Vegas. As a Collision Scientist he got to measure and quantify non-monetary metrics about how well a city is doing at connecting people and serving the diverse needs of its members. Now he has started a media company that is like Jimmy Fallon “Late Night Fun with Big Ideas” with great guests that shows them the more real-person side of them in addition to their great work.

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